• Dirty-to-clean workflow
  • Fast and efficient cycle
  • Proven, scientifically tested technology
  • Safe handling of chemicals
  • Unique lid design with same or opposite side unloading mode
  • Friendly user interface and hands free operation
  • Error proof system

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Getinge POKA-YOKE AER (Automated Endoscope Reprocessing) is the ideal solution for small endoscopy departments: giving you the best tool to reprocess your endoscope whatever brand or type.

With the Getinge POKA YOKE AER and its unique smart lid system, you will have a soil to clean workflow even in a small room.

Technical data

Measurements - external

Width mm / in 1146 / 45.1
Depth mm / in 783 / 30.8
Height mm / in 1110 / 43.7

Additional measurements

Water consumption per cycle phase L / Cu ft 3.25 / 0.11
Total power consumption W 5,9
Net weight kg 175
Internal water filter µm 0.1



To ensure maximum infection control, you need to consider the whole workflow. That's why we not only offer an endoscope reprocessor, but also a complete reprocessing system including accessories that have been carefully thought through to make things both simple and secure.
Getinge offers everything you need to ensure the best possible hygienic workflow in your reprocessing room.
For more information, please refer to the product brochure under the menu "Information Download" or contact your local Getinge representative.


Connectors setGetinge POKA-YOKE AER is designed to reprocess the main types and brands of flexible endoscopes. In collaboration with the major endoscope manufacturers, we have developed a wide range of connectors that are certified Medical Device class 1, thus assuring efficacy and patient safety. We maintain an updated database of all endoscopes supported on our AER, with descriptions of the necessary connectors to assure efficient cleaning.

Complete range of accessories for optimized workflow

FurnitureFrom the pre-treatment unit and to the connector holder system to chemical storage and waste trolleys, Getinge provides everything you need for the best hygienic workflow in your reprocessing department.

Accessories box

Accessores boxAs Getinge appreciates the high value of endoscopes, we have developed an accessories box to enable safe, reliable reprocessing of all small parts of your endoscope, e.g. valves.



Product brochure

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Product brochure

Getinge AER range

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