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We are committed to optimising our use of energy and natural resources. This means reducing the environmental impact of our waste management and minimising the environmental impact in our product and process development.

Caring for climate change

Reducing climate impact is an important part of our environmental work. We are focusing our efforts on lowering the energy use in our production as well as making our products as energy effective as possible by switching to more environmentally friendly electricity sources.

Energy use & emissions

Reducing the climate impact of operations is a key element of our  environmental efforts. We are working towards a number of targets to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption.

By making active choices in energy suppliers across several of our production facilities we have managed to reduce our indirect emissions in a number of countries where we have production. Today several of our production units only use so called green electricity, while other facilities have a favorable product mix for electricity generation.

Sustainable product development

To ensure that our products are designed with an optimised use of natural resources and with minimal environmental impact throughout the product life cycle, we follow a concept that we call EcoDesign.

Within the EcoDesign the environmental impact throughout the entire product life cycle is taken into account in the product development, and considerations of environmental aspects in choice of materials and components, the manufacturing methods and the design for a low resource consumption are made.

Getinge EcoDesign also ensures that no prohibited substances are used in the manufacturing process and that the use of environmentally harmful substances are minimised.

Waste & recycling

Our aim is to have all of our production waste recycled. This requires investments in efficient waste handling equipment, changed behavior as well as environmentally compatible product development. We are always looking to improve our product development process,  where optimisation of raw materials is a natural part of the process.

By working methodically, the proportion of waste being sent to recycling is gradually increasing year-by-year.

Freight transportation

A key element of our climate endeavors relates to emissions from freight transportation. This applies to both transportation with the companies own vehicles, such as service visits as well as freight transportation.

Our car policy imposes ambitious demands on CO2 emissions. Proactive selection of carriers and efficient logistics operations will enable a reduction in the environmental impact from freight transportation in the coming years.

Environmental management

Our environmental work is based on our Environmental Policy, environmental targets and the international environment standard ISO14001. All of our production units shall meet these standard requirements and have a certified environmental management system. Upon acquisition, the management system shall be introduced and certified in 24 months.

Through focused efforts on sustainable product development, we aim to reduce our product's environmental impact both in production and when used.