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Jean-Francois Vaz

Nationality: French

Job Title: Senior Research & Development Engineer

Location: La Ciotat - France

Employed at Getinge since: 2008

Can you describe yourself in three words?

Curious, engaged, passionate.

Can you describe your career journey within Getinge?

The company I was working for was acquired by Getinge which is how I joined. I have worked on several R&D projects and more recently have focused on remediation activities. Amongst others, I have worked on the implementation of statistical process controls and the establishment of safety evaluations and compliance to ISO standards. All of these initiatives have been a great experience and we have received positive outcomes as a result.

Why this company?

Since I graduated, I have always worked in the Healthcare Industry. Working on products that can support and improve the life of people gives me a great sense of purpose and meaning to what I do. 

What has been the most important learning for you?

Be prepared and embrace change. Things may not turn out as expected, but with a good team alongside you, you can meet and overcome the changes that will come.

Why do you think the core values are so important for us at Getinge (Collaboration, Openness, Excellence, Ownership and Passion)?

Getinge is composed of more than 16 000 employees worldwide who work on very different types of products or services. The values provide a common language for us all. The values are also very much embedded into our culture and provide a sense of belonging for our employees.

How would you describe your Passion for life?

I had the opportunity to work on Intergard Synergy, the world’s first (and only) vascular graft with two antimicrobial agents. Vascular graft infection is a relatively rare complication but can have dreadful consequences for patients. Recently, I met a surgeon who runs a large center of excellence in France. He started using Intergard Synergy some years ago and noticed that the rate of infection dropped by nearly 80%. The surgeon was extremely impressed by these results and now only uses our Intergard Synergy grafts. Though the project was long and complex requiring a lot of work from all departments, it is very exciting to see such a positive outcome and feeling that the products really make a difference for the patients. For me, this type of success gives me passion for life.