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Ola Gribbling

Nationality: Swedish

Job Title: Product Development Engineer, Research & Development

Location: Malmö, Sweden

Employed at Getinge since: 2012

Can you describe yourself in three words?

Creative, interpersonal, altruist.

Why did you join Getinge?

I wanted to put my skills to use working somewhere that would allow me to benefit someone with “real” needs. Someone like the patient in the ICU, the resident in an elderly care facility or the staff working to provide good care for their patients. I have a background in more technology driven products like mobile phones but becoming a parent the first time really made me reflect on how I spend my time. After all, you spend such a large part of your life working so to me it feels great knowing that the products we offer have a long life cycle.

Did you know anything about the MedTech industry before you started here?

Yes, I was familiar with the Getinge brand. It was a very conscious choice to work here.

What is the most exciting part of your job?

I really like the fact that almost no days are the same. Some days I do very traditional engineering or participate in creative sessions like bodystorming or brainstorming and other days I travel to meet our customers or build prototypes of concept ideas we’ve come up with. It is a very stimulating work environment and I feel like I learn something new every day. 

How do you apply the Getinge core values in your day to day work - Collaboration, Openness, Excellence, Ownership or Passion?

I work in a team of 6 - all great people with very different skills and personalities. I can honestly say that the core values have been our guides for as long as I know. It’s just in the nature of our work and how it is performed.

How would you describe your Passion for life?

Learning! I think that is my general passion. Staying curious and open to learning new things. I would say that describes my passion for life both personally and professionally.