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Healthcare professionals can find help and guidance on how to benefit from our offerings to treat your patients, as well as other practical information and advice.

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Ease of use affects patient safety

Ease of use, or usability, is the measure of a product’s potential to accomplish the user’s goals. A device that has high usability is easy to learn and remember, allows efficient use of the operator’s time, causes few errors, and is aesthetically pleasing.[1] In short, high usability affects patient safety.[2] [3] [4]

Your choice of ventilator can affect patient safety

A recent usability study found that easier to use ventilators were associated with higher safety.[5] The differences between ventilators could be explained by the design, manufacturing quality and user expectations.

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Compare ventilators in your ICU

Every ICU is different, and it is important to select a ventilator that your staff feels comfortable with. The form below outlines a selection of operating functions in a ventilator that are commonly used in the ICU. It can help you select the ventilator that suits you and your team best.

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