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C-QUR V-Patch Mesh

C-QUR V-Patch Mesh

O3FA coated polypropylene ventral patch.


Omega 3 fatty acid (O3FA) coated polypropylene device designed for the repair of small hernias such as umbilical, epigastric and trocar site defects and other small abdominal wall defects.

ProLite polypropylene mesh

C-QUR V-Patch combines ProLite polypropylene mesh with a tissue separating layer of Omega 3 fatty acid (O3FA). C-QUR V-Patch is constructed of 2 layers (1 layer of C-QUR FX mesh and 1 layer of C-QUR mesh) that are sewn together around an O3FA coated mesh stabilising ring.

  • Deployment system allows for implantation of the device through a small defect[1]
  • Two extended mesh fixation straps for device positioning, suture fixation and handling outside of the abdominal wall
  • O3FA coating has been shown to minimise visceral tissue attachment to the mesh[2]
  • Flexible and conformable
  • Stability ring aids in handling and stability


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