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Getinge Marking Solution

Integrated Workflow Solutions Getinge Laser Marking Solution single instrument identification

Getinge Marking Solution

High quality and accurate laser marking for full traceability in your sterile supply workflow

Getinge Marking Solution's laser marking process has been developed by some of the world's leading laser engineers to provide the most accurate instrument marking system in the world.


Getinge Marking Solution offers permanent, non-destructive and high-quality marking of instruments, endoscopes, tags and trays, improving efficiency and accountability in the sterile supply workflow by ensuring full control of your traceability.

Key Benefits

IWS Integrated Workflow Solutions Getinge Marking Solution single instrument identification scanning data-matrix

Improve efficiencies with a unique identifier for each instrument

Laser marking your instruments gives each item a unique identifier for tracking and tracing purposes in the sterile supply workflow. A unique identifier ensures that each item is decontaminated by the correct process and that instruments are always exactly where they should be. Avoiding instrument migration improves efficiency and reduces staff needlessly opening packs in search of missing items.

IWS Integrated Workflow Solutions Getinge Marking Solution mark different size instruments scan

Reduce potential errors with templates

Marking inconsistencies across different materials can lead to errors in the sterile supply workflow. Getinge Marking Solution comes with fully integrated material templates, enabling you to reduce the risk of human error by preventing inconsistencies in the quality of marks.

IWS Integrated Workflow Solutions Getinge Marking Solution Identification of single instrument marked with laser

Mark instruments in different sizes

Single instruments come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, especially within ophthalmology and pediatrics, where small, delicate instruments are frequently used. Getinge Marking Solution's laser technology gives you the flexibility to mark instruments of almost any size – even ultra-slim instruments.

IWS Integrated Workflow Solutions Getinge Marking Solution laser machine

Make the most of your instrument marking

The Getinge Marking Solution machine is small enough to fit through standard-sized doors and can also be transported in an average car. Because of its easily portability, Getinge Marking Solution can be loaned out to surrounding hospitals at a fee, giving you an additional return on investment.

If you are purchasing the equipment for a network of hospitals, it also allows you to spread out the cost of the investment.

Key Features

Resistant, corrosion-free instrument marking

Marking is permanent, non-damaging to surgical grade stainless steel and will not affect the life of your instrument.

High-end technology for durable marking

Getinge Marking Solution offers a high speed, non-contact method of producing consistently high-quality marks on instruments, including materials such as polished and plated metals, carbides and ceramics.


Getinge Marking Solution produces a high contrast mark that is permanently bonded to the instrument's surface without any adverse effects to its substrate as the hardness of the mark exceeds that of the stainless steel.

Take conventional marking to the next level

Get the best results with clearer, high-contrast GS1 data matrix marking.

Conventional or highlighted data matrix marking

Getinge Marking Solution uses GS1 2D data matrix, a format designed to provide significant amounts of information – including data about the instrument's reprocessing workflow as well as its full maintenance records, manufacturer details, dates and batch numbers – all at the click of a button.

With Getinge Marking Solution, you get durable, high-contrast marks for best-in-class readability and enhanced data-matrix visibility to speed up the scanning and packing processes. Two marking options are available: conventional or highlighted.

Highlighted marks are outlined with a black square around the GS1 2D data matrix to improve workflow efficiencies and enhance productivity by reducing the time spent looking for the instrument code during production.

The International Global Coding Standards Organization

GS1 is the International Global Coding Standards Organization. GS1 has developed identification systems that enable an instrument to be traced back to its source from anywhere in the world.

GS1 is dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards and solutions to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply and demand across sectors globally. The GS1 system of standards is the most widely used supply chain system in the world.

Integrate with T-DOC

Explore the opportunities for total integration from the very beginning of your sterile supply workflow with T-DOC.

T-DOC compatible

Combine your Getinge Marking Solution with the benefits of T-DOC to reduce the loss of instruments, ensure the cost transparency of surgical procedures and control expense flows between departments for invoicing purposes.


Integration with T-DOC results in an invaluable tool for taking complete documentation and traceability to the highest level, ensuring you have the exact history of each instrument from the first day of use to the last.


Explore the world of sterile supply management and the many ways in which Getinge can help you establish structured workflows that improve the hospital experience for patients, staff and management.