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Maquet PowerLED Surgical Light

powerled product photo
Powerled and two doctors in operating room
powerled two and doctor in operating environment

Maquet PowerLED Surgical Light

A surgical light that is intuitively easy to use and generates no shadows or overheating.


The Maquet PowerLED range was developed to enhance and facilitate your daily surgical procedures. Maquet PowerLED is a surgical light that is intuitively easy to use and generates no shadows or overheating. It is dependable, ergonomic and elegant, ideally suited to your needs,


Experience comfort with the AIM system

The Maquet philosophy is to make light useful. The AIM system (Automatic Illumination Management) compensates for the loss of illumination due to obstruction. Illumination is controlled intelligently and usefully to maximise visibility in the operating room.

Be prepared for the unexpected

A “boost” function, offering spare capacity, is also available to deal with any complications. Unnecessary under normal circumstances, you can boost the light intensity if conditions dictate.

Reality preserved

Maquet PowerLED was one of the first surgical light to use white LEDs to render natural and faithful colours. As a result, there are no coloured cast shadows that could hamper interpretation and diagnosis.

Protect your patients

Maquet PowerLED fully complies with the requirements of the IEC standard. The irradianceless is than 500 W/m², guaranteeing that the light does not dry out tissue even in the most sensitive patients. You can operate in total confidence, with no additional uncontrolled risk.

Effective and constant illumination

The FSP system (Flux Stability Programme) applies an automatic compensation, cancelling out the drop in intensity that is inherent to LED technology and maintaining constant illumination levels.