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T-DOC Endo

T-DOC endo assistant registering endoscopes

T-DOC Endo

Optimise your endoscope workflow

Endoscopes are complex and places high demands on their cleaning, storage and transportation. T-DOC Endo gives you the tools to manage these challenges. T-DOC Endo ensures the tracking and correct handling of endoscopes, supporting you in complying with national and international regulations while increasing patient safety.


T-DOC Endo manages and documents the complex handling and reprocessing specifications of your endoscopes. Ensure accurate work procedures and get complete overview of your endoscope stock.

Key Benefits

T-DOC assistant cleaning an endoscope

Quality assurance in the endoscope workflow

T-DOC tracks endoscopes within the endoscopy unit and directly to the procedure room or patient. With numerous T-DOC options for reporting and statistics, you can base procedures on best practices and actual data – not on assumptions. T-DOC Endo facilitates compliance with national standards such as endoscope expiry time requirements and handling specifications.

T-DOC provides a documented record that all endoscopes are disinfected correctly and in accordance with your hospital’s required processes as well as local, national and international regulatory standards.

T-DOC endo assistant registering endoscopes

Handling endoscope complexity

Detailed reprocessing instructions are needed to appropriately and effectively reprocess today’s high value and highly complex endoscopes. T-DOC minimises potential damage and increases utilisation by providing various methods to ensure endoscopes and other equipment are being utilised in accordance with the manufacturer’s reprocessing instructions.

The intuitive user interface keeps human errors to an absolute minimum by offering clear guidance at each location and ensuring that selected handling steps and endoscope-specific procedures have been followed.

T-DOC user registers endoscope to drying cabinet

Integrated solutions

Interfacing T-DOC with reprocessing equipment such as automated endoscope reprocessors and drying cabinets ensures your hospital automatically documents these critical steps while effectively utilising your high value endoscope inventory. In addition, T-DOC can be interfaced with hospital information systems, surgical scheduling, materials management and financial systems to provide a fully integrated, seamless and cost-effective solution.

T-DOC assistant registers process on ED-flow

Return on investment

T-DOC  has the ability to directly impact savings within an Endoscopy Unit by maximising endoscope inventory, tracking costly endoscope repairs, managing non-conformance and quality issues. IT also helps in the reduction of manual processes and helps to ensure endoscopes are processed in appropriate cycles to prevent costly damage to these valuable assets.

Key Features

Full traceability for all endoscopes

T-DOC provides accurate and auditable traceability to prevent duplicate production for all endoscopes

Tracking all unique endoscope processes

Endoscopes linked to a patient can be tracked reliably to the actual endoscope used, the unique endoscope components, the unique automated endoscope reprocessor and process, and storage cabinets. T-DOC documents essential details such as lot numbers, for example of detergents and cleaning equipment, which are used on endoscopes. It also links endoscopes to all staff handling goods, maintenance and repairs.

Easy location of historical data

With T-DOC’s unique traceability features, each endoscope includes a historical record of how the endoscope was processed prior to reaching the patient. Importantly, if any steps were skipped, or any processes failed, staff are immediately alerted and a recall can be initiated.

Preventing expired endoscopes from use on patients

T-DOC tracks the movement of endoscopes, calculating each step to ensure patient safety and compliance with regulatory standards

Customised processing points

The T-DOC process allows for the automatic documentation of customised processing points specific to each Endoscopy Unit.

Endoscopes can be tracked to customised locations, for example a centralised Endoscopy Unit, automated endoscope reprocessors, drying cabinets and patients. They can also be tracked in a decentralised way at each specialty procedure room, or transported across multiple sites. T-DOC calculates the movement of each endoscope to ensure that it has not expired prior to use on a patient, and further provides staff the necessary data to better utilise inventory and reduce reprocessing costs.

Minimise expired endoscopes

T-DOC provides a complete overview of endoscopes’ expiry times and assigns pre-defined expire time rules to groups or single endoscopes. Expiry times can be calculated for all endoscopes based on their type of handling, cleaning, transport and storage. T-DOC facilitates compliance with local and national standards regarding maximum time intervals, for example, between disinfection, the drying process and the actual use on a patient.

Drying cabinet info overview

T-DOC improves endoscope utilisation by providing a better overview of endoscope statuses

Configurable information overviews

The drying cabinet information overview in T-DOC gives you quick insight into the location and expiry times of all endoscopes in the drying and storage cabinets. It supports first-in-first-out principles and enables departments to optimise the usage of available endoscopes.


Endoscopes located in the drying and storage cabinets can be filtered according to your own criteria such as types of endoscopes or predefined timing rules. Accordingly, the drying cabinet information overview can filter and show the selected endoscopes. The views are accessible from treatment rooms, enabling nurses to identify available endoscopes.

Tracking endoscope repairs

T-DOC uniquely tracks repairs to endoscopes and includes vendor information and costs

Full repair registration

A simple scan registers repairs at various reprocessing points. It allows hospitals to track which endoscopes were repaired, all vendor and compliance information, where and when the repair took place, and what procedures they were subjected to.

With T-DOC, you get a detailed overview of actual repairs and are better able to document and manage the exact costs associated with high value endoscope production.

Optimise contracts with repair vendors

In T-DOC you can register all repair movements. The associated data allow you to generate precise statistics on the total number and costs of repairs from all vendors. The next time contracts are negotiated, these statistics will allow you to make fair and favourable demands. This enables you to keep your repair expenses at an absolute minimum.

User-friendly endoscope handling steps

T-DOC lets you define endoscope handling steps for workflow optimisation and quality assurance purposes

Ensure correct handling of endoscopes

With T-DOC, you can define local handling types and handling steps. Assigning different handling types to your endoscopes ensures that each endoscope is reprocessed according to its specific needs.

The on-screen handling steps enable personnel to perform accurate disassembly, manual cleaning and checking of endoscopes using images, sound and/or video.


The intuitive and user-friendly touch screen interface provides user guidance at each location and eliminates the need for a scanner.

T-DOC reduces the risk of human error and increases patient safety by ensuring selected handling steps and endoscope-specific procedures have been followed.


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