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T-DOC Select

T-DOC assistant scans load to sterilizer

T-DOC Select

Traceability and documentation for the sterile workflow

T-DOC Select is an electronic solution designed for today’s CSSDs with a strong focus on workflow optimisation and operational efficiency. T-DOC Select is an easy-to-use solution that helps you to improve, enforce and document the processes within sterile supply management.



T-DOC Select is a mid-tier solution that provides quality assurance by documenting and tracking all processes in the sterile production. T-DOC Select provides a fully digital sterile workflow that helps ensure regulatory compliance.

Key Benefits

Quality assurance

Enables a consistent and high quality production that decreases risk for patients and staff

Reduces re-sterilization

Reduces time-consuming and costly re-sterilization.

Ensure compliance

Enables you to meet standards and hospital requirements.

Key Features

T-DOC empowers the CSSD with operational, statistical and production data that assists with compliance to AS/NZS 4187 standards. The clear and auditable data can be quickly accessed any time and can be used to make data-driven decisions, documents the sterile workflow and perform recall if necessary. T-DOC supports an accurate and consistent workflow by providing staff with clear and image driven instructions in reprocessing, packaging and distribution. Furthermore, T-DOC informs staff which instruments and trays to use first based on expiry date, which reduces time-consuming and costly re-sterilization.

T-DOC helps keep the risk of hospital acquired infections to a minimum, and enables hospital staff to identify non-conformance and patients that may be impacted. And because it optimises the entire sterile process, T-DOC ensures staff know exactly when and where to find required instruments, trays and disposables.


T-DOC helps to minimise the time spent searching for instruments and trays as well as the management of maintenance and repairs. T-DOC ensures fewer manual processes and allows for prioritisation of instruments and trays, which ultimately leads to less time spent managing non-conformance and quality issues.

With T-DOC you get full traceability of instruments and their reprocessing to enable compliance as well as the highest levels of quality assurance and assists with patient outcomes. T-DOC also delivers complete process documentation from decontamination all the way to the patient at both tray and instrument levels. By ensuring each important step in the reprocessing cycle is enforced, the system provides you with electronic and historical documentation as is required for compliance.

T-DOC allows for use of warning messages and reminders by using triggers, for example, whenever a product requires special attention. Triggers help ensure correct handling as staff are alerted at the right time and/or at the right production area/location. Triggers also support staff for training purposes and instrument maintenance, as triggers can include pictures, sound and video when combined with the T-DOC Multimedia Module.

T-DOC Select offers an array of reports ranging from staff and department productivity, value of inventory, instrument loss and repairs and many more.


T-DOC Select is a modular solution and can easily be upgraded to the advanced T-DOC 2000 solution. T-DOC 2000 can interface to operating room, materials management, patient and finance systems making T-DOC an essential part of any hospital. Additionally, adding rFID, Automation and robotics provides further enhancement and optimisation of the sterile workflow. A greater array of modules opens the opportunity to communicate across locations, handle multi-site facilities, automatically prioritise next day needs and provides digital instrument counts pre and post surgery .


Getinge will assist you with the necessary training and supervision to ensure that users are equipped to use and manage the solution in the optimal way. It can be either classroom training at Getinge’s regional training centres, on-site trainings in customer’s own environment, e-learnings, or a combination. From basic and advanced standardised product training to courses that are tailored to meet your specific needs.

We believe maintaining the relationships developed with our customers during implementation is important to your ongoing success with T-DOC. Our support team members are located around Australia and New Zealand to ensure you get the ongoing support, upgrades, updates and technical guidance you need, whenever you need it. Ultimately, our support services assist with increased uptime, disruption free production at a fixed maintenance cost, and the necessary resources to succeed with T-DOC.


Explore the world of sterile supply management and the many ways in which Getinge can help you establish structured workflows that improve the hospital experience for patients, staff and management.