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Transfer Isolators

product photo getinge transfer isolator
product photo getinge transfer isolator

Transfer Isolators

Portable, lightweight design for easy movement

Portable, lightweight design for easy movement


Getinge's 3- or 4-glove transfer isolator is equipped with a DPTE® Beta flange system mounted on bellows and can be connected to an isolator without breaking containment during BioPharma production. 

Thanks to a ventilation and filtration system, as well as connections for decontamination, supplies can be introduced and removed without jeopardizing containment integrity. The walls can be of PVC film, rigid plastic or stainless steel, depending on your use and preferences. For operator convenience, the isolator work stations are equipped with lighting. A conveyor may be fitted inside the isolator chamber. Our transfer isolators are equipped with castors and (optional) a device for automatic height adjustment.

Portable, lightweight design for easy movement

Robust and easy to clean, 316L stainless steel floor

Equipped with 350 DPTE beta flange for maximum operator safety

Technical data

Technical Features

  • PVC canopy (0.3 mm thickness) with two viewing windows
  • Stainless steel machine-welded structure on locking casters
  • Inlet and outlet ventilation system capable of 20 or more air changeovers per hour, and positive pressure of 50 Pa
  • Inlet and outlet HEPA filters
  • Circulation fans
  • Manipulation by gloves mounted on sleeves (changeable without breaking containment and support modeled for sterilization)
  • Transfer systems using DPTE double-door ports and conventional doors
  • Pass-through bulkheads for fluids with compression fitting and couplings