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COVID-19 Resource Center

Healthcare professionals can find help and guidance on how to benefit from our offerings to treat your patients, as well as other practical information and advice.

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Solutions to preserve the miracle that is life

The need for integrated solutions and access to knowledge is essential, as technology evolves and therapies become more sophisticated. As your full-service partner, we support you through the entire clinical pathway, so that you can continue to provide excellent care and enable cure, without compromising on quality and safety.

Integrated Workflow Solutions

With IWS, we offer you an integrated and better utilised facility that supports greater consistency and efficiency, enabling healthcare professionals to focus on delivering the best possible care for patients.

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Acute Care Therapies

Getinge offers a variety of innovative acute care therapies for clinical professionals practicing in a hospital setting. We strive to improve daily patient management through future-oriented technology and continuous investment in advanced clinical solutions that are designed to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes.

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Beating Heart Surgery

Off-pump coronary artery bypass (OPCAB) reduces patient morbidity and mortality, decreases the incidence of acute renal failure, reduces transfusions, improves post-surgery neurological outcomes, decreases post-operative stroke risk, and shortens recovery times as an alternative to on-pump surgery

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On Pump Surgery

Our comprehensive product portfolio for extracorporeal circulation during cardiac surgery includes a variety of life-supporting devices and consumables such as heart lung machines, heater-cooler units, oxygenators, pumps, reservoirs and filters, as well as catheters and cannulae, chosen in accordance to the patient’s individual needs and the intended surgical procedure.

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Clinics and Dental

Efficient hygiene solutions for practices of all sizes. From single-clinician studios to multi-unit clinics, we have a sterilization and hygiene solution that fits your space and budget.

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Holistic patient transfer

PILOT is a patient-centered transfer system that eliminates the barriers to using intraoperative whole-body angio, CT, and MR imaging at any point during the procedure. The patient can be transferred seamlessly throughout the entire hospital and between imaging modalities without repositioning.

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Hospital Departments

In a profession where health and lives are at stake, we ́re dedicated to helping ensure that you can do your job under the best possible conditions. Find out what a partner for full therapy concepts, who offers complete settings for operating rooms, ICUs and CSSDs, can do when it comes to integrated solutions and patient outcomes.

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Life Science

Getinge Life Science brings together a comprehensive offering of equipment, technical expertise, and consultative services. Together, these solutions meet both common and highly specialised process needs for contamination prevention in biopharmaceutical production, biomedical research, heat sensitive goods manufacturing, and laboratory applications.

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Planning and Implementation

Getinge builds workplaces that not only keep up with today’s demands, but stay ahead of future growth. We combine our knowledge of efficiency and ergonomics with an intensive analysis of the real-life flow of patients, personnel and instruments in your healthcare facility. What begins with intelligent and forward-thinking planning results in comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective solutions that optimise your long-term workflow.

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Getinge offers a complete range of after sales services designed to maximise the useful life and long-term value of your investments. We provide the tools to help you with your work of taking care of a multitude of people on their way to recovery.

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Outpatient Surgery Centers

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