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Together as one

At Getinge, we believe that saving lives is the greatest job in the world. In people’s most vulnerable moments, we are by your side every step of the way, working together as one.

There is a story behind every message

Behind our messages are real events and calculations from using the tools that we provide our customers.

$12 billion healthcare plan
86 ventilators required
1 financial solution

When Kuwait planned to overhaul the national health care system, we enabled our partner to offer ventilation solutions with a beneficial payment model.

32 critical days
24-hour care
1 life saved

Learn how a team of ICU doctors helped a three-year-old girl recover without apparent sequelae, following ARDS and multiple organ failure.

28,000 square meters
15 operating rooms
1 tailor made solution

Together with a regional hospital in Sweden, we developed a tailored room concept characterised by functionality and appealing designs.

45 minutes of cardiac arrest
2 passionate doctors
1 saved life

Learn how a man was brought back to life after more than 45 minutes of cardiac arrest thanks to a skilled team of doctors and the help of Getinge's extracorporeal life support device.