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Maquet Moduevo Ceiling Supply Units

Maqeut Moduevo
Patient and two nurses in hospital with the Maquet Moduevo

Maquet Moduevo Ceiling Supply Units

An answer to daily challenges

The Maquet Moduevo ceiling supply unit range has been designed with a singular purpose in mind; to enhance provider-patient interactions while helping you avoid the clinical, operational, and financial risks associated with the deployment of a ceiling supply unit.

And it does so with extraordinary simplicity, delivering effortless maneuverability in the OR, ICU, ED, and other space-constrained environments— with unprecedented ease in customization, and an uncomplicated approach to future-proof flexibility.

Setting up the ICU

Over the years, new approaches to delivering care in the ICU are being implemented to improve clinical workflow, increase patient and staff safety, and add more storage utility closer to the patient. Ceiling supply units are replacing traditional headwalls and fixed columns due to the many advantages of this advanced workflow solution.

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Benefits at a glance

The Maquet Moduevo ceiling supply unit range helps hospitals make the best possible use of facility space and staff resources. Maquet Moduevo leverages space to great effect – whether in the OR or ICU patient bedsides – and is ideal for holding or storing commonly used items where they are needed most, close to the patient.

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Enabling effective care

In the OR and ICU, clinical staff requires 360° access to patient’s head and airway during emergencies and for many procedures. In addition to increase productivity the room must be organized to reduce clutter, and configured for clinical needs with power, data, IV poles, suction, and storage for charts and patient information.

Icon staff safety

Improving safety and working environment

Maquet Moduevo increases staff safety by getting trip hazards like electrical cords and gas lines up off the floor and neatly managed using a range of cord management accessories. Ambient lighting further enhances staff safety by providing low light room illumination so that obstacles on the floor can be easily seen without disrupting the patient.

Icon patient comfort

Patient comfort and recovery

Near silent electro-magnetic brakes may help reduce patient anxiety in the ICU by eliminating startling sounds created by other braking systems like electro-pneumatic. During patient recovery, Maquet Moduevo components can be easily repositioned around the bed to improve patient view of room visitors or an outside window.

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Reduced cost

With Maquet Moduevo facilities can save on operational costs due to maintenance free electro-magnetic brakes that eliminate annual part replacement and reduced installation costs compared to other brake technologies. In addition, with the flexibility of the system, workstation elements can be easily reconfigured or upgraded as room requirements change, future proofing your investment.

Deployed in diverse healthcare environments

Including in operating rooms, intensive care units, and emergency departments, Maquet Moduevo simplifies everyday hospital tasks by creating modular, adjustable, exceptionally safe and ergonomic workstations. Additionally, it features a broad choice of components and accessories to fully customize each workstation to staff requirements.

Letting you focus on the patients – not on equipment and utilities

When developing Maquet Moduevo ceiling supply units, Getinge put itself in the shoes of healthcare professionals – and created a highly ergonomic, efficient solution that allows staff to concentrate on what really matters, improving patient care and outcomes.

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Maquet Moduevo workstations are less complex to install, intuitive to operate, and quick and easy to configure with a range of accessories – benefits that translate into greater productivity, efficiency and flexibility.

Ergonomic Positioning System (EPoS)

Unprecedented versatility


  • Components and accessories – even those requiring a power supply – can be added and removed in line with changing needs
  • They can be freely positioned on every face of the unit module, and at any height
  • Customized workstations can be created easily and quickly, ensuring everything remains within easy reach

Future-proof Flexibility

The design approach that allows each configuration to evolve in line with the hospital‘s daily challenges

maquet moduevo instructions


  • Above all, the Maquet Moduevo portfolio is about flexibility.
  • There is a choice of distributors and arm combinations. And a choice of components and accessories – that can easily be added, repositioned or removed as desired.
  • This design approach allows each configuration to evolve in line with the hospital‘s changing room requirements.

Grab & Move Handle

Excellent ergonomics


  • Breaks new ground in terms of intuitive positioning.
  • When grasped, its capacitive sensing technology releases the unit‘s brakes.
  • Enables staff to intuitively move the pendants to the desired position simply, with just one hand and minimal physical effort.
  • This design approach allows each configuration to evolve in line with the hospital‘s daily challenges.

Electro-magnetic Brakes

Outstanding maneuverability

maquet moduevo ceiling device


  • Maquet Moduevo‘s pioneering electro-magnetic brakes are absolutely silent, enhancing patient comfort – and virtually no maintenance is required.
  • Staff can rest assured of seamlessly smooth, controlled movements, and enjoy Maquet Moduevo‘s broad range of movement.
  • Staff can reposition the ceiling supply unit without disturbing patients.

Seamless Design

Exceptional hygiene and efficiency

maquet moduevo detail photo


  • Maquet Moduevo is designed for exceptional hygiene and efficiency.
  • The seamless finish accentuates the portfolio’s state-of-the-art design.
  • And the benefits go beyond the surface: with fully enclosed cables, and no exposed screws, rubber, or sharp edges, the unit is much easier to clean – reducing the risk of nosocomial infections, and accelerating turnaround.

Smart cable management

Improved safety and efficiency

maquet moduevo ceiling device


  • The typical hospital tangle of medical gas tubes and electrical cables is routed through the ceiling supply units, rather than along the floor.
  • Accessories, such as cable boxes, further improve cable management

Ambient light

Enhancing patient comfort


  • With a system of ambient lights ideal for ICUs, Maquet Moduevo contributes to a better atmosphere for convalescing patients.
  • The soft glow creates a soothing ambiance, supporting the natural circadian cycles and enhancing patient comfort during recovery.
  • The lights are positioned on the top of the beam, on the distributor‘s sides, or at the bottom of the pendants to prevent shadows, and improve safety and visibility for staff.

Endoscopy solution

Improving workflow

maquet moduevo and nurse


  • Endoscopy solution with high load capacity of up to 350kg.
  • Ambient lights provide sufficient lighting for staff to work under dark endoscopy surgery environment.
nurse and patient maquet moduevo

The importance of enhancing the ICU workflow

Intensive Care Unit (ICU), seen as the last frontier for saving patient’s life, should have all resources pulled together yet with the best possible workflow to prepare for effectively responding to worst-case scenarios at all times. Enabling an optimal workflow supports an efficient healing environment for the early mobility of the patient. 


A wealth of options, for a wealth of possibilities

A range of handles with various brakes and positioning options

Staff can quickly and precisely position the distributors where they are needed using a variety of powered handles and other control devices. Handles may be attached horizontally or vertically, and to various sides of the distributors. Positioning can be done intuitively and with little physical effort.

Comprises shelves, drawers, monitor arms, rails, adaptors and infusion equipment

A variety of equipment can be added to a central, easily moved station. The electricity supplied by the EPoS system of bus bar enables hospital staff to quickly and flexibly configure the ideal environment for their task at hand. The large range includes shelves, drawers and cabinet units, flat screen monitor arms, rails, infusion equipment, plus adaptors and a docking system.

maquet moduevo ceiling device

Encompass cable management products such as boxes, plus holders and baskets

The storage accessories is dedicated to simple, yet effective solutions for managing cables, and storing documents, gloves, equipment such as catheters, and more.