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The Cardiohelp System

The Cardiohelp system, including the HLS Set Advanced, is the world's smallest, portable heart-lung support system. Cardiohelp can be rapidly deployed in the fields of emergency medicine, cardiology and cardiac surgery for patients who require circulatory and / or pulmonary support, up to 6 hours.

Cardiohelp is used to restore and stabilize the patient’s cardiopulmonary functions so clinicians can gain valuable time to save patients’ lives. Proven to be an effective mechanical life support system, Cardiohelp has a compact and functional design with intuitive software that optimizes several specific areas of applications

All-in-one Heart-Lung Support

Cardiohelp has a compact and functional design that provides maximum flexibility and easy handling of the device and its disposables. The portable system is a blood oxygenation and carbon dioxide removal system used to pump blood through the extracorporeal bypass circuit for circulatory and/or pulmonary support during procedures requiring cardiopulmonary bypass (for periods up to six hours).  

With its HLS Set Advanced, integrated sensors and intuitive software, the Cardiohelp System is helping patients who require circulatory and/or pulmonary support.

Patient Transport

Within the hospital, patients on the Cardiohelp System can be comfortably transported between emergency medicine, cardiology and cardiac surgery. The system is compact and light-weight for one person to carry or can easily be fixed directly on the patient’s bed. Ideal for patient transport, Cardiohelp allows clinicians to gain valuable time to save patients’ lives to restore and stabilize cardiopulmonary functions.

Cardiohelp is the first of its kind device that can be used both inside and outside the hospital environment. It can be securely installed in an ambulance or helicopter and can be connected to the on-board power supply. The integrated rechargeable battery also provides 90 minutes of operation without an external power supply.


The Cardiohelp System includes continuous, in-line safety monitoring of all important blood parameters including temperature, hemoglobin, hematocrit and venous saturation. The complete sensor system, which also includes three pressure sensors, is integrated in the HLS Module Advanced. With these integrated sensors, you no longer need to add components to the circuit or connect additional cables and sensors, which can tangle and get in the way.

Cardiohelp’s sophisticated safety management allows individual alarms, warning limits and interventions can be set during use. It also features an automatic screen lock prevents accidental operating and configuration changes and extensive back-up system offering a 90-minute battery supply when fully charged, Emergency Drive Hand Crank and a special Emergency Mode.

Cardiohelp offers greater intuitive control, even in emergency situations, with its touchscreen and newly designed user interface.

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