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Applikon bioprocess software


Applikon bioprocess software

Software programs, ranging from simple data acquisition programs up to complete scalable automation solutions to turn data into information, support you in monitoring your bioprocess.

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To manage all the data of your upstream bioprocess, we provide various software solutions.

V-Control is the scalable DeltaV™ solution for bioreactors in your lab. It combines the best of DeltaV™ automation with Applikon bioprocessing know-how into one platform  for process control and data management from discovery to production. Seamless technology transfer and scalable data transfer result in optimal bioprocesses with shorter development lead times and lower development costs.

Lucullus Process Information Management System integrates functionalities and activities around creation and planning of recipes, reactor allocation, Design of Experiments, media preparation, media component traceability, data analysis, data mining, automatic reporting and modelling. The integration of all these functions into one comprehensive software solution saves the scientists time, since all data is stored in one central Oracle© database.



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Applikon bioreactors

Applikon bioreactors can easily be configured to match your microbial or cell culture application. They allow your bioprocess to be scaled from initial discovery to full scale production. This saves you time and guarantees a smooth transfer of processes to the next volume scale.

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Applikon bioprocess control

Applikon process control systems offer accurate control of all bioprocess parameters, in combination with simple operation. A large number of sensors can be integrated to deliver optimal performance for your bioprocess.

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Applikon bioprocess analytics

In the bioprocess market it is vital to have precise information about the DO, pH value and RedOx potential of the process. Those measurements through various sensors are key to optimize your process and to maximize product yield.

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Applikon biobundles

These Applikon turnkey bioreactor systems are equipped with all necessary components and accessories to get started right away.

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