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INSIGHT Patient Ward

Bed ward nurse discharges patient in time with the INSIGHT patient flow management solution

INSIGHT Patient Ward

Simplify bed and patient management

INSIGHT Patient Ward supports the daily handling and coordination of tasks in and between hospital bed departments, recovery, ICUs, and psychiatric wards. From touchscreens and PCs staff can update patient treatment plans, keep up to date with the in- and outbound flows, and plan a structured and efficient discharge for each patient with just the tap of a finger.

Visión general

INSIGHT Patient Ward promotes streamlined patient care through tailored and predefined treatment plans, helping to reduce length of stay and ensuring increased quality care in the ICU, bed and psychiatric wards.

Key Evidence

Research shows that INSIGHT has a proven impact on patient throughput, resource utilization, and on the general stress level in and across departments. Below are some of the benefits found in evaluation studies across a number of hospitals.

50% less time spent on hospital hand-overs

less time spent on hand-overs


23% increase in number of hospital discharges

increase in number of discharges


10% reduction in average length-of-stay

reduction in average length of stay


28% fewer adverse events in hospital

fewer adverse events


Key Benefits

Coordinator overviews hospital bed ward capacity in the Getinge INSIGHT patient flow management solution

Clear overviews of the patient flow and department resources

INSIGHT screens visualize all beds – both available and occupied – in the department as well as information about the patients, their plans, and their treatment progress. This enables the flow master or emergency coordinator to quickly assess the bed capacity and distribute patients accordingly, if the patient flow increases.

Bed ward nurse discharges patient in time with the INSIGHT patient flow management solution

Facilitating a safer, quicker discharge

Along with clear patient flow overviews, INSIGHT gives you the necessary tools for better communication, collaboration and patient care. With INSIGHT, a patient's care pathway can be thoroughly planned and continually adjusted to ensure that treatment progresses smoothly and in a structured and calm manner.

INSIGHT also allows staff to efficiently plan patient discharges, which leads to a shorter average length of stay without compromising on patient safety.

Emergency nurse updates patient information on iPad to ensure throughput and maximize hospital resource utilization

Updating real-time information across all screens

With healthcare professionals updating the system in real-time as the patient treatment progresses, staff in the same or in collaborating departments can stay on top of the situation simultaneously. The system's push functionality, which makes each change visible across all relevant screens and platforms within seconds, ensures further efficiencies and high standards of care as staff are always working from the same real-time data.

Hospital bed ward staff discuss patient coordination, bed capacity and discharge process via the INSIGHT patient flow management solution

Customizable configurations to meet the needs of any facility

INSIGHT supports a flexible configuration, allowing you to define lists and customized sharing of patient information across departments. All screen configurations are built in collaboration with your facility to ensure that the right staff have the right data at the right time.

Combined with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, INSIGHT ensures that staff are equipped with a solid basis for adapting the system into their work processes and can easily begin working in a way that supports more structured patient flows.

Key Features

Staff visualizations

Get a quick overview of the staff on call

The staff component

The staff component shows all staff on call grouped by specific roles to ensure a faster overview and provide colleagues with contact information directly on the screen. Not only does this ensure a more efficient use of time, it also reduces the number of disruptive phone calls on the ward.


The overview makes it easy for you to assign patient and activity responsibilities, which helps optimize the workflow and ensure a more structured and streamlined patient experience.


Enable fast, easy and silent communication between departments

The note component

The note component on the touchscreen is an easy and simple way of distributing news within the department or across the entire hospital. A significant benefit of this form of communication is that messages can reach a large number of people without causing disruptions in the workday.


For maximum convenience and flexibility, notes can be changed directly on the screen and updated across departments in a matter of seconds.

Instant messaging

Fast and easy information-sharing between screens

The chat component

The chat component enables coordinators and staff to communicate from one screen to another within their own or across multiple departments.

You may need to inform the ICU that the ward is ready to receive the scheduled patient transfer, or brief the flow master about a potential overload. Or maybe you need to check with the OR coordinator to see if a specific surgery is on time.


With the INSIGHT chat component, you can do it all without disturbing the workflow or other staff. The chat component is silent and simply blinks discreetly when new messages are received.

Bed management

Enable healthcare professionals to manage bed capacity in the department

Bed lists

Bed lists provide you with extensive information regarding the department beds and the patients occupying them. This enables clinicians to review the cleaning and service state of each bed, award bed colors and labels to distinguish specific beds from others, and reserve the beds for inbound or returning patients. Bed lists create efficiencies by facilitating proactive actions before the patient arrives.


With bed lists, patients are displayed with information about their hospitalization, current condition and treatment plans, all of which are updated with just a tap on the screen. Bed lists are fully customizable and can be tailored to your individual departments.

Planning of care pathways

Display data directly from the system

Activity lists

An activity list is an overview of all patients assigned a specific activity as part of their treatment. This could include lists of the ward rounds, x-rays, blood tests, examinations or discharges of the day, filtered so that only the relevant patients are displayed.


Besides providing overview of the patients, activity lists can also work as staff checklists; as a way of ensuring that all activities are handled before the end of a shift so that no patient is forgotten along the way.

INSIGHT lists can also be accessed from mobile devices, which enables you to easily make updates to the system on-the-go.


Explore the world of patient flow management and the many ways in which Getinge can help you establish structured workflows that improve the hospital experience for patients, staff and management.

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