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Rotaflow Console

Rotaflow Console

The Rotaflow console operates independently as a stand-alone console with its own battery back-up and power supply. It also perfectly complements the HL 20 product line.

Visión general

The Rotaflow Centrifugal Pump System offers state-of-the-art centrifugal pump technology for best performance and maximum safety. The Rotaflow  Centrifugal Pump System is a natural part of the HL 20 Heart-Lung Machine and can also be used as a fully independent stand-alone unit.

The Rotaflow Console operates independently as a stand-alone pump module with its own battery back-up and power supply. It also perfectly complements, and can be used on the HL 20 Heart-Lung Machine. Its compact design also enables all vital information to be displayed at a glance. The unique flow and bubble measuring function is an integral part of the Rotaflow system.


Integrated into the HL 20 Heart-Lung Machine

  • The ROTAFLOW Console module can be fully integrated into the HL 20 Heart-Lung Machine.
  • In this configuration, all HL 20 supervising units will control and monitor parameters like pressure, bubble and low-level sensors.
  • The ROTAFLOW centrifugal pump operates quietly and smoothly on safe, low-voltage power supplied by the ROTAFLOW console pump module.
  • There are no additional cables to connect.

Compact in size and low in weight

  • The ROTAFLOW Console module can easily be removed from, and reinstalled onto the HL 20, simply by lifting and positioning the unit on guide pins.
  • ROTAFLOW is the optimum choice for user-friendly collection of patient date.

Additional Features as an HL 20 Pump Module

  • Controlled by all supervising units (bubble, pressure, level)
  • Pulsatile flow mode option

One cable - three functions

  • The unique set-up of the ROTAFLOW Pump Drive also incorporates flow sensor and bubble detector into one advanced unit.
  • The blood flow is precisely measured in the pump outlet by ultrasonic transit time technology.
  • Costly disposable flow probes and time-consuming tubing connections are a thing of the past.

Optimum flexibility

  • The swivel-joint bracket assures ideal positioning of the centrifugal pump with greater flexibility in handling, and allows shorter tubing lengths.
  • For further convenience, this sturdy drive's special cooling system has a smooth surface for quick and easy cleaning.

The ROTAFLOW Emergency Drive

  • The emergency drive is designed for secure handling and fast fixation on the mast.
  • During manual operation, an incorporated LED displays the RPM.

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