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Serap the writer

Writing keeps her passion going, so does working with people.

She started writing a few years ago without even knowing it would end up as a published novel. Now writing is everything to her. It’s like breathing for her soul; it refreshes her mind and makes her stronger.

Writing got Serap Tosun’s attention already in primary school, but somewhere along the road it slipped away from her and she focused more on other things. It was not until three years ago, during an intense period of yoga practice that the desire to write came back to her

“Something had been growing in my heart for quite some time. I was searching for thoughts, beliefs and memories that were deeply engraved in my subconscious. When I realized they were stories I wrote them down separately, without even knowing what they would turn into”, Serap explains.

But she struggled to find a pattern and started combining the stories. Even though she didn’t have a clear plan from the start, she was now confident:

“I was sitting by the beach practicing yoga, overlooking the giant blue sea. I decided there and then that all the stories would end up as one novel, and it would be about the blue”.

The name of her novel is actually “Looking into the blue”. Obviously, it’s referring to the color blue, but it also has a hidden meaning.

“Yoga is, as you might have noticed, very important to me. It spirits up my life. And in the world of yoga blue is the color of one of our chakras – which are the wheels of flowing energy throughout our bodies. The emotions of the blue chakra are communication, truth and the need to express yourself”, explains Serap.

So the novel brings up these topics, as well as self-development, challenges and the aim to let go of fear. But above all, it is a story about love. And not surprisingly, it includes a spark of yoga. The novel was published in Turkey early 2017 and the writing has since become a must for Serap.

“It’s like breathing for my soul, like having a heart-to-heart talk to a wonderful friend. It refreshes my mind and makes me stronger”, she says.

She gets her inspiration from extraordinary people or situations, both in her personal life and from things she witnesses out in the public.

“It needs to have some kind of weirdness in it; otherwise it won’t be interesting to write about”, explains Serap who thinks that the easiest part when it comes to writing is that it is enjoyable, she is very relaxed while doing it and loves to start her writing process over an early morning cup of coffee.

But there are challenges too. For example she will not put her next novel together out of different bits and pieces.

“That was way too hard. The book project I’m working on now is much more structured. I have a clear plan from the start as I learned a lot from my first book project. And I am definitely more experienced as a writer by now”, she says.

It’s also a bit challenging for her to combine the writing with a full time position as HR Manager in Turkey. She copes with it by sacrificing activities she earlier used to do on her spare time, such as shopping and watching TV.

“To be honest I am sometimes also running a bit low on my sleeping account. But the passion I feel from both writing and working within Human Resources at Getinge where I get to focus on people – it makes it all worth it. And I get to use my creativity at work too, for example when it comes to preparing presentations, solving problems or working with people in different projects”, tells Serap.

She is very much interested in the psychology of people and thinks that she at some point will return to university to aim for a Master of Science in psychology. And in her next novel she is leaving the love theme behind to enter the field of action.

“It’s a whole different type of story and because of lack of time the work proceeds quite slowly. But I am not in a hurry you know, I believe everything has its own time”, she says calmly, with a big smile.