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New cleaning solution moves into Carlanderska

It’s been about eleven months since the opening of a Getinge delivered sterile central at Carlanderska in Gothenburg, Sweden. Together with the customer we look back at a successful joint project at the same time as another Getinge product is moving into the hospital – our newest cart washer-disinfector model 9120E – which will save time, energy and detergent without sacrificing quality.

Last year, on March 10th to be exact, the specialist hospital Carlanderska in Gothenburg inaugurated a new-built high technological area to celebrate its 90th anniversary since the opening in 1927. The added 7,000 square meters almost doubles Carlanderska’s former size and includes a sterile central delivered by Getinge.

Getinge 9100E

“I like to call it a large sterile central in mini format”, says Björn Asking, Project Manager Global Sales at Getinge who is coordinating large installation projects on the Swedish market. “Even though it’s smaller in size, it still includes the necessary equipment to perform world-class sterilization and prevent contamination”.

The new-built area is actually a sibling building, not in direct connection to the main building, which was a bit challenging for the project team while designing the sterile central.

“We did have some technical barriers to overcome when we started the discussions already in 2014, because of the large areas and distances”, says Björn. “But we managed to come up with a very good solution thanks to our skilled design team who worked closely together with the customer”.

Eleven months after the opening of the sterile central, the customer is happy with both the installation and the service provided by Getinge.

“The collaboration has worked very well”, says Marina Spargren, Section Manager at Carlanderska. “We keep tracking how our new sterile central helps creating even better workflows in the operating rooms; it’s exciting to follow up on all the advantages this gives us”.

A new Getinge product is now moving into the sterile central to improve it even further. Carlanderska is actually the first healthcare facility in the world to install our new cart washer-disinfector model 9120E from the 9100series.

“This product combines great design and smart solutions to deliver the highest levels of cleaning and efficiency”, explains Björn. “The cart washer quickly and safely cleans and disinfects transport carts, containers, bowls, basins and other bulky items”.

One of many advantages of the 9100E is the ability to use efficiency mode instead of standard water and detergent use. Efficiency mode reduces the consumption of water, detergents and energy for a cost-effective operation.

The product is now being installed and the team from Getinge is validating it together with the sterile central staff at Carlanderska to make sure they get the most out of the product and that it improves the workflow.

“We really look forward to start using the new cart washer after the validation process. The project has run smoothly with a clear and visual plan. Our new sterile central is becoming exactly what we wanted it to be”, says Ann Jundal, Assistant Nurse at the sterile central at Carlanderska.

Check out the Getinge 9100E series here!