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Antibacterial coating on surgical light help prevent infections in the OR

Every year, millions of people are affected by health care associated infections (HCAI). But there are ways to fight it by minimizing risks of cross-contamination in the operating rooms (ORs). With the new surgical light Maquet PowerLED II Getinge has added an antibacterial coating to help prevent the spread of infections.

Maquet Power-LED-II

HCAI are infections acquired during a hospital stay. It often leads to more overnight stays and increased suffering for the patient. It also affects the health economy since longer hospital stays and more need of treatment means higher health care costs for the society.

And the OR is the very place at the hospital where patients are most vulnerable and likely to catch infections. For example, between cleanings of OR surfaces, bacteria can sneak in and form in a biofilm layer.

Getinge - Stephane Tabillon

“Biofilms are a complex aggregate of microorganisms that adhere to surfaces and to each other, protecting the bacteria,” says Stephane Tabillon Senior BD Manager Surgical Lights. “When biofilms form, it helps bacteria to proliferate, making them a serious health risk. That is why prevention of biofilm formation is crucial.”

Integration of an antibacterial coating on OR surfaces has been proven helpful to reduce the risks of HCAI, which has been taken into consideration during the design of Getinge’s newly launched surgical light Maquet PowerLED II.

“We have added antibacterial coating on the handles, wall touch screens and graphic interfaces. Those are areas that are often touched by non-sterile staff, but with this coating the risk of spreading infections is decreased which in the end can help keep more patients safe,” continues Stephane.

The shape and surface of Maquet PowerLED II is also designed for use in laminar air flow environments, with an open ring design, to make sure that the air continue to flow and bacteria don’t without difficulty attach on the surface of the surgical light.

“Maquet PowerLED II has a smooth sleek surface without any sharp edge which also makes it extremely easy to clean. This helps end-users in the OR maintain a disinfected surgical environment.”

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