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Leading Getinge’s Critical Care business towards further success

A five-year old who wanted to become a doctor or an engineer. Several years later and six months into her job as Managing Director Critical Care at Getinge, Elin Frostehav has finally in a way managed to combine these two dreams into one.

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Elin Frostehav didn’t become a doctor in the end, but she did become an engineer. And now, six months into her job as a Managing Director for Critical Care at Getinge Elin and her team are working together with customers and academic institutions to answer to the Medtech industry’s huge needs and create innovations which creates value.

“Getinge’s Critical Care solutions are helps patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) and in the busy operating room (OR). Our innovative mechanical ventilators have been globally recognized since we started building them in 1973 and the same core technology is now also used in our anesthesia machines. Together with our advanced monitoring equipment we provide a rich portfolio to help with the complex heart lung interactions,” says Elin.

She finds it exciting to work for a company where her engineering skills comes in handy, and she gets to work together with medical personnel all over the world. During her first six months at Getinge she has certainly been impressed by her team based in Solna, Sweden and Feldkirchen, Germany as well as the global sales organization, and the deep product knowledge they possess.

“Our team is a mix of many different functions who come together to solve solutions with all our knowledge combined. And people are proud to work here, no matter if it’s within finance, the R&D department or in the factory – we feel like we in the long run are part of saving lives.”

For Elin, who has been awarded for management skills and been on a Swedish hit list for future female leaders, leadership is built on teams that aims at reaching great results together. Working close to the business and close to the customers in a structured way is extremely important to her.

“Building winning teams who works towards the same goal is my recipe for success. It’s about getting the best out of people but also working with something that serves a greater purpose, which we really do at Getinge. And it must be perfectly clear where we as a team are heading and how we operate as well as how each and every one can contribute. When we work towards common goals the possibilities are endless.”

With this in place, Elin believes high targets can be set and also reached if all team members get the right prerequisites and tools: “Dare to prioritize is key, if you chase two rabbits you will not catch either one. Also, it is extremely important to have fun together.”

To other young women who dream about becoming managers early on in their careers she has an important advice:

“Dare to say yes! Even if you don’t know the road ahead of you, say yes and ask for support along the way. Be open to learn.”

The rest of the year undeniably looks exciting for Getinge and her team in Critical Care.

“We have several exciting product launches this year within all areas. But if I should highlight one, it would be the launch of our Automated Lung recruitment tool for our mechanical ventilators. It is receiving excellent feedback and we think it will simplify and improve the challenging task of increasing the part of the lungs participating in gas exchange. Hopefully this can help optimize standard of care in the future.”

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