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Getinge’s DPTE-BetaBag® awarded 2018 Supplier Excellence Award by MilliporeSigma

On April 9th, Getinge’s Vendôme factory in France got an Exceptional Overall Contribution award from MilliporeSigma, for a tailor-made version of the single-use-product DPTE-BetaBag®.

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As Mr Ajit Pai, Associate Director – Plastics, and Mr Justin Hocter, Quality Manager from  MilliporeSigma USA visited Vendôme during a trip to Europe, they took the opportunity to hand over a special “DELIGHT” award for Exceptional Overall Contribution in 2018 by Getinge-La Calhène to Boris Leonard, Managing Director.

Millipore and Getinge have been working together for over 10 years on the supply of a tailor-made DPTE-BetaBag® for an Aseptic Liquid Transfer application. The bag, combined with a tubing system from Millipore, enables sterile transfer of liquids into an aseptic filling line.

Getinge has supplied Millipore’s Danvers, MA, manufacturing facility with over 15,000 gamma sterilizable bags in 3 different diameters over the past 10 years; and current annual supply is more than 3,000 bags, still growing.

The award specifically recognizes Getinge’s achievement in term of logistics performance, sales support and project execution.

“Getinge-La Calhène has been an esteemed partner of Danvers for many years. Not only has Getinge kept pace with our steadily growing demands, but they have achieved 100% on-time, accurate deliveries in 12 of the past 16 annual quarters.  Recently Getinge worked with Danvers to adjust its lot and pallet sizes, resulting in significant transportation savings annually to Danvers,” conveyed John Pierce, Material Manager for Danvers site.

“The Mobius Procurement team proudly awards its 2018 Supplier Excellence Award to Getinge-La Calhène and looks forward to the continuation of our valued business partnership,” said Ajit Pai.

“This is of course a great feel-good moment for us”, says David Milligan, Director, Sales – Transfer Systems – Americas, who works closely with MilliporeSigma on their single-use requirements.

Boris Léonard, Managing Director, adds:

“Yet another new development for single-use DPTE-BetaBag® Environmental Monitoring Media transfer started recently, which demonstrates this customer’s confidence in our ability to manage the supply chain. We are very glad to be able to support them in the production of life science solutions.”

While MilliporeSigma were in Vendôme, staff from Merck Millipore and Getinge were promoting their aseptic transfer products at Pharma Congress in Dusseldorf. Dr Simone Biel (Field Marketing Single Use Technology, EU) demonstrated the Mobius liquid transfer system which utilizes a sterile DPTE-BetaBag® for risk-free transfer. Paolo Liverani (Senior Product Manager Sterile Transfer Solutions) showed Getinge’s new wireless Transfer Leak Tester (TLT) for checking the integrity of the DPTE® system before and after production batches.

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Image on top of the page from left to right: Mr Justin Hocter and Mr Ajit Pai, MilliporeSigma, Boris Léonard, Sylvie Leriverend and Bruno Dumas, Getinge-La Calhène.

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dpte-betabag-liquid-transfer-millipore-2014-01-21-001 300

DPTE-BetaBag® for liquid transfer (courtesy of Merck KGaA or its affiliates).

MobiusDisplay-PharmaCongress 300

Demonstration of Mobius liquid transfer system including DPTE-BetaBag® (courtesy of Merck KGaA or its affiliates).

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Merck and Getinge teams at Pharma Congress, Dusseldorf, April 9th 2019. From left to right Frans Mels, Daniel Palm, Merck; Anneke Evers, Didier Papin, Paolo Liverani, Gabriel Peyras, Getinge.