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Creating happiness that heals

The Foundation for Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital makes a difference for children and young people treated at Sweden's largest children's hospital. Getinge stepped in as a principal partner earlier this year, to support them on their important mission to create happiness that heals.lucas_lekterapin 1200x600The Foundation for Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital is a non-profit organization that raises funds from companies and private individuals to pay for things, environments, experiences and activities that bring joy and better life quality for children, young people and their families at the Queen Silvia Children's Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden.

“A healing environment is important for all patients, including children, and that is why we have chosen to step in as principal partner to the Foundation for Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital,” says Magnus Lundbäck, Executive Vice President Human Resources & Sustainability at Getinge.

The hospital staff can turn to the foundation to apply for funding for projects and activities when they see a need in their everyday work. It could for example be musical or cultural events. There is also fund support persons for siblings.

“When someone in the family get ill, siblings are often left a bit on the outside. The support person becomes a valuable speaking partner and someone who can do fun activities together with the sibling”, says Madeleine Wahlberg, Operations Manager at the Foundation for Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital.

At the hospital, there is also room for fun – in the playing therapy room. Patients and their siblings can go there to forget about the illness for a while. There is even a relax room where both children and parents can spend time.

“We have a music studio where the children can do recordings or just jam together with our music expert Paul Schöning, a library full of amazing books and a program for cultural experiences. We also have an art exhibition where children who stay at the hospital can borrow real paintings from children’s books and put up in their rooms,” tells Madeleine.

The people who work in the playing therapy room are extremely passionate about what they do. Gustaf Källvik, one of the two librarians, cannot imagine a better job than his.

“I get to connect with the children using books and when there is a break through and I see that it makes them feel better for a while, there is no greater joy.”

Thanks to the funding combined with the hospital staff’s knowledge and the skills of an interior design agency, the environment at Queen Silva Children’s Hospital is optimized for a harmonious and positive hospital stay.

“Fun and stimulating environments affect our recovery positively. It is easier to relax in a pleasant environment. When the children are less anxious and has something else to think about it can also get easier to carry out treatments,” says Madeleine. “We want that all children, no matter what illness they suffer from, to be able to play, dream and laugh. And forget about the illness for a while.”