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Danish hospitals benefit from INSIGHT when handling COVID-19

Getinge’s patient flow management solution INSIGHT is proving to be a valuable tool in managing the increased patient load.


Keeping the overview of patients and resources has never been more vital for medical staff and hospital management. In Denmark, INSIGHT is used in more than 275 departments across 17 hospitals and care facilities on a daily basis. The increased volume of tests and admissions due to COVID-19 and the need for infection and ventilator indicators has required adjusting the way of working and the setup of INSIGHT to provide staff with the information they need.

“The solution is very flexible and modern, which allows our customers to quickly adjust to new situations and needs,” says Charlotte Enlund, Vice President Integrated Workflow Solutions at Getinge.

Hospital managements are using INSIGHT data visualizations to closely monitor the development in patient registrations, the overall load and intensive care bed capacities – not just for a single hospital, but across all interconnected hospitals in a region.

On a daily basis, INSIGHT data is being submitted to the Danish authorities, providing information on the numbers of infected patients as well as the number of patients in need of intensive care.

“INSIGHT is essential for our customers to successfully coordinate and manage capacities across the hospitals and to provide data driven management reports for the hospital management and authorities. In short, it gives them a valid basis for decision-making in a situation where timely action is everything,” concludes Charlotte Enlund.

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