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Welcome to the Fall 2022 Ventilation Clinical Series - Celebrating 50 Years of Servo!

Join our webinar series this Fall and learn about recent ventilation clinical studies, meet the experts and join our interactive sessions! 

Full event program:

  • October 6th - 18.00 CEST:Lung and diaphragm protective ventilation and sedation: state of the art by Dr. Ewan Goligher - Watch on-demand now!
  • October 21st - 18.00 CEST: The Importance of Diaphragmatic Monitoring and Detecting Synchrony by Dr. Michael Sklar - Watch on-demand now!
  • October 26th - 18.00 CEST: Change Management: How to implement NAVA in your NICU by Kim Firestone, MSc, RRT - Watch on-demand now!
  • November 3rd - 18.00 CET: An up-to-date Literature Review about Edi and NAVA in infants and adults by Dr. Jennifer Beck Watch on-demand now!
  • November 16th - 18.00 CET: NAVA vs conventional mechanical ventilation: systematic reviews and meta-analysis by Dr. Ling Liu Soon available on-demand.
  • December 7th- 18.00 CET: Monitoring and interpretation of the Edi signal in adults and neonates by  Dr. Christer Sinderby Register here

To know more:

Visit our dedicated webpage to know more about the full event and speakers. 

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