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Getinge Bedding Handling Vacuum System

Getinge Bedding Handling Vacuum System

Reduce the risk of cross-contamination in your vivarium

The Getinge Bedding Handling Vacuum System is an automated bedding transportation and handling solution for laboratory animal caging systems. The Bedding Handling Vacuum System enhances safety while delivering reliability and efficiency across all steps of the bedding change-out process.


Regular cage cleaning, sterilization, and animal bedding replacement is vital for animal welfare and contamination control in biomedical research facilities. Removing and replacing soiled bedding with clean requires either manual or automated labor. Manual cage handling repeatedly exposes operators to dust and allergens while risking cross-contamination between clean and soiled bedding. Robotic cage handling is reliable, efficient, and can help increase operator safety and reduce the risk of bedding cross-contamina­tion.

Getinge Bedding Handling Vacuum System

Getinge Bedding Handling Vacuum System

Protect the research – avoid cross-contamination

Control your workflow with minimal risk of cross-contamination that can jeopardize your research. The Getinge Bedding Handling Vacuum System has two distinct sides that work autonomously and independently to ensure that clean bedding will never come into contact with dirty bedding.

Improve your staff’s working environment

The Getinge Bedding Handling Vacuum System addresses two concerns that can potentially lead to staff absenteeism: allergens and physical strain injuries. Cage dust contains allergens that can cause allergic reactions in operators. The automated system extracts dust and allergens from the air, creating a safe and healthy working environment. It also reduces the physical strain caused by heavy lifting during the bedding change-out process. 

Reliable and consistent workflows

Our automated cage bedding system ensures reliable and consistent workflows by combining industrial robots with vacuum transportation systems. The dump station evenly distributes bedding to meter flows and prevent entry blockages. An efficient piping design with a low radius bend maintains internal airspeed and prevents system clogs.


Controlling the vivarium environment

Getinge solutions help maintain a controlled vivarium environment to protect both research and staff. Our systems provide washing and sterilization resources, as well as automated solutions for cage reprocessing and animal bedding handling.

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