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Getinge IMS

Getinge IMS Electronic Instrument Traceability

Getinge IMS

Our instrument management and sterile supply reprocessing solution for facilities

The perfect tool for detailed tracking and tracing of your instruments, Getinge IMS ensures safety and regulatory compliance while saving you time and enhancing productivity in the sterile supply workflow.


Getinge IMS is the easy-to-use instrument management and sterile supply reprocessing solution that ensures any facility greater efficiency and compliance through comprehensive electronic traceability.

Key Benefits

Getinge IMS Electronic Instrument Traceability

Ensure high quality instrument reprocessing and complete traceability

Getinge IMS offers detailed and configurable reporting across the sterile supply workflow. With date and time logs for all reprocessing steps along with records of the person responsible as well the items used on a specific patient, Getinge IMS ensures total traceability in your facility.

Getinge IMS instrument management and sterile supply reprocessing solution from Getinge

Real time information supports time and cost efficiencies

Because the system lets you monitor incoming and outgoing stock in real time, Getinge IMS enables you to identify and mitigate any potential bottlenecks in the workflow before they even become an issue. With Getinge IMS you can also see the expiry date of instruments and trays, giving you the information you need to support better and more efficient logistics management.

Share instruments across locations

The advanced traceability and recording features in Getinge IMS enable you to share instruments and sets across multiple locations. This makes loaning instruments to other hospitals an easier, safer and more cost-effective process.

Getinge IMS Electronic Instrument Traceability

Increase productivity and reduce errors in the sterile supply workflow

Getinge IMS’ software, which enables you to add multimedia instruction files to the instruction processes, ensures your staff is able to reliably and accurately follow work procedures.

Getinge IMS also lets you extend workflow optimization to staff communication. Healthcare facilities depend on fast response times and effective communication across departments, and Getinge IMS makes it possible for staff to enter critical information regarding instruments in the system in just seconds.

IWS Integrated Workflow Solutions Getinge T-DOC Data Logging

Compatible with T-DOC Cycle

Getinge IMS is compatible with T-DOC Cycle (Getinge’s machine data logging solution). Interfacing between the two solutions provides additional process optimization and value by enabling data capture from sterilizers and washing disinfectors in Getinge IMS.

Key Features

Customizable logs and easy-to-use interface

Keep your existing procedures in place thanks to the flexible configuration of Getinge IMS and the simple, color-coded interface icons, which instantly identify each reprocessing stage.

Improve your work routines

With Getinge IMS you can take control by tailoring your process flow to meet your CSSD’s specific needs. Manage your Central Sterile Supply Department more effectively with detailed information throughout all the stages of the instrument workflow.


Getinge IMS’ intuitive, color-coded icons and user-friendly interface make identification of the four sterilization stages simple for all staff: soiled (red), washed (yellow), sterilized (green) and patient association (blue).

High level of detailed reporting

Get in-depth information about your sterile supply workflow and customize your reports.

Powerful and flexible reports

The Snapshot and Reporting Plus tools offer a clear view of the available data while also giving you the flexibility to choose what information you want to include in your report.

These tools make it possible to gather in-depth information and generate robust performance and financial analyses that give a detailed view of an instrument’s full history.


Getinge IMS equips you with the knowledge necessary to improve turnaround times through better management of your instrument prioritization and increased visibility of high value tray reprocessing.

Getinge IMS also enables you to meet today’s comprehensive information requirements by allowing you to export graphs and reports.

Integrated and shareable multimedia data

Improve departmental communication and facilitate accurate process completion by enabling easy file sharing in different formats.

Support staff through high quality resource sharing

With the Getinge IMS Document Manager tool staff are able to share and store data in a wide range of formats such as Word and Excel documents, videos and PDFs. Users can view each file against a particular item, item type, process, location, structure, user or non-conformance criteria. 


Document Manager also enables video instruction for specific processes and machines. These videos can be used as a reference for existing staff as well as aid training for new employees. Instructions can also be shared with your Central Sterile Supply Department, particularly when a process or requirement has changed in the CSSD.

Patient Association

Full traceability control in the CSSD.

Know exactly where your surgical instruments are

Our Patient Association feature allows you to place scanners around your facility to track instruments, trays and supplementary items throughout the hospital – from goods receipt to patient, dispatch out and back to reprocessing. You get full traceability of your sterile goods while reaping all the benefits of outsourcing.

– and where they have been

Patient Association functionally also supports retrospective studies and investigations by giving you full control when it comes to tracking and tracing your single instruments and instrument trays. With Patient Association, each item is linked directly to the patients it was used on.


Explore the world of sterile supply management and the many ways in which Getinge can help you establish structured workflows that improve the hospital experience for patients, staff and management.