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Getinge WD15 Claro

nurse using washer WD15
Washer disinfector with open front
Nurse using washer disinfector

Getinge WD15 Claro

Under-counter washer-disinfector for up to 6 DIN trays.


Getinge WD15 Claro is a fast high-capacity under-counter washer-disinfector for up to 6 DIN trays. It is perfectly suited for wards, clinics and dental practices where a countertop space is at the premium.

Getinge washer WD15 claro

View in process

A glass window and lighting give a constant clear view of the process for extra safety. One can easily see the rotating spray wings are rotating as they should and that the goods have been loaded correctly.

* Not available for sales in the USA.

Minimal energy and media consumption

Load capacity 6 DIN-trays

Easy to operate

Glass door for visual inspection (VIP)

Compact space-saving size – 600 mm wide incl. dryer

Wide range of accessories


All the accessories you need

Getinge's broad range of accessories covers all your reprocessing needs. Our smart designs ensure efficient cleaning, quick water runoff and faster drying.

For more detailed information, please refer to the separate list under the menu "Downloads" or contact your local Getinge representative.

Getinge washer disinfector

Getinge WD15 Claro is available with a stainless steel cabinet for a more ergonomic work height. The cabinet is also a perfect place to store detergents and other consumables.

Getinge washer disinfector trays and baskets
Instrument trays and baskets for wash-carts

A wide range of efficient instrument racks and baskets help ensure safe placement within the washer-disinfector, and complete cleaning of instruments and small parts.

Getinge washer disinfector bar
MIS- and AN injection bars

To be placed in lower basic carts.

Bottle stand for washer disinfector
Stands for bowls and baby bottles

Getinge has a wide range of instrument racks and baskets with well-thought-out, proven function. They ensure safe placement in the washer-disinfector and complete cleaning of instruments and small parts.

Technical data

Wash levels pcs 3
Chamber volume (gross) L / Cu ft 180 / 6.3
Chamber volume (effective) L / Cu ft 150 / 5.3
Chamber width mm / in 538 / 21.2
Chamber depth mm / in 534 / 21.0
Chamber height mm / in 520 / 20.4
DIN 1/1* trays/load pcs 6
SPRI I** trays/load pcs 4
* = DIN 1/1 = 480x250x50mm    
**=SPRI I=450x340x70mm