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INSIGHT Emergency

Emergency nurse admits patient to hospital via the INSIGHT patient flow management solution from Getinge

INSIGHT Emergency

The information you need for optimized acute care

The Emergency Department is a fast-moving environment. With a dynamic flow of inbound patients Emergency staff are always on high alert, preparing for the arrival of the next patient. Because time is of the essence, having access to details on patients, beds, personnel and your current capacity is crucial – and this is exactly what INSIGHT provides.


INSIGHT Emergency enables healthcare professionals to quickly adapt to acute, real-time changes through flexible prioritization tools, updated patient flow overviews and complete bed capacity visualizations.

Key Evidence

Research shows that INSIGHT has a proven impact on patient throughput, resource utilization, and on the general stress level in and across departments. Below are some of the benefits found in evaluation studies across a number of hospitals.

19% increase in department efficiency


6,400 working hours saved per year


1.4% increase in bed capacity utilization

Key Benefits

Hospital bed ward staff discuss patient coordination, bed capacity and discharge process via the INSIGHT patient flow management solution

Clear patient flow and staff overviews

By accessing INSIGHT through touchscreens, workstation computers and mobile devices, staff in the Emergency Department can stay informed of the complete inbound and outbound patient flows. INSIGHT clearly visualizes each patient care pathway, so you can see which patients are in the waiting area, manage the beds and examination rooms, and know which colleagues are on call in the department.

All information is available from a single screen and updated in real-time so healthcare professionals can work more efficiently from the same data.

Emergency nurse updates patient information on iPad to ensure throughput and maximize hospital resource utilization

Instant updates and easy knowledge-sharing

INSIGHT enables you to quickly share information within a single department, between multiple departments, or even across the entire hospital, bringing staff closer together and utilizing the knowledge accumulated in the different departments better. A flexible and scalable solution, INSIGHT can be expanded to cover multiple hospital sites, enabling healthcare professionals to share updates and draw on the same data across an entire region.

INSIGHT uses push technology to update information on all relevant screens and platforms within seconds, supporting the highest standards of care by ensuring that healthcare professionals always work from the same data.

Emergency nurse triages patient on iPad upon hospital admission via the INSIGHT patient flow management solution from Getinge

Visible patient triage levels for effective prioritization

Being able to quickly prioritize patients is a major benefit for both healthcare professionals and patients. With patient triage levels clearly displayed onscreen, you can prioritize according to the current situation in the department and focus on the patients most urgently in need of care.

By supporting timely and accurate treatment, INSIGHT enables a more structured workflow and an improved patient experience.

Surgery nurse optimizes operating room utilization by entering surgical progress information into the INSIGHT patient flow management solution

Fast information-sharing without disrupting the workflow

Ringing telephones and constant interruptions due to incomplete information are well-known issues that affect the working environment in many Emergency Departments. These disruptions lead to increased stress levels, disorganization and ineffective working environments for many healthcare professionals.

INSIGHT offers you an alternative to noisy, disruptive phone calls with easy access to instant messaging and note-sharing from any screen. INSIGHT promotes smoother and more flexible workflows by enabling staff to quickly notify each other about important changes and relevant information.

Key Features

Staff visualizations

Quick overviews of on-call emergency staff

The staff component

The staff component in INSIGHT shows important information such as who is on call or who has been assigned specific roles or responsibilities. Each staff member is presented with their name, profile picture, contact information, and tracked location, if available, which makes identifying and contacting colleagues easy.


In addition to promoting a calmer and more structured workflow, a clear visualization of the emergency staff helps you assess the available resources to potentially save precious time during the day.

Communication components

Enabling fast, easy and quiet communication between departments


The chat functionality enables staff to communicate directly from their touch screen or workstation to other screens in the same department or across multiple departments. When a message is sent, the receiving screens blink discretely until the message is read.

In the Emergency Department, the situation is constantly changing and is often stressful, with new acute patients arriving. Limiting the number of stress factors such as ringing telephones supports better working conditions for the staff, increases overall efficiency, and allows for better and more focused patient treatment.


The note component offers a simple way of sending one-way messages to a large number of people – either within the department or across the entire hospital.

In a hectic working environment, notes offer silent and visual ways of communicating without disturbing the workflow. Notes are available on the screens until they are deleted manually, so with just a glance staff can get up to speed at the start of their shift or read any new notes by simply walking by a workstation during their day.

Task overviews

Valuable overviews of specific tasks or activities assigned to patients

Activity lists

Activity lists display all patients in the department that have been assigned a particular activity, e.g. blood tests, x-rays, or examinations. Additional lists can be shown in tabs to provide clinicians with more information from the same screen.


Activity lists offer filtered overviews of patients, allowing you to follow the progress and prioritize according to the current situation in the department and the needs of the individual patients. This not only benefits the emergency staff, it also ensures a better, more structured patient experience as all patients are treated properly and on time.

Patient flow overviews

Enabling faster patient location

Logistic lists

Logistic lists provide you with information about inbound patients, patients in the waiting area, patients in the department, and the availability of examination rooms. Logistic information displayed on INSIGHT screens makes it easier for hospital staff to locate patients, prepare for patients – even before they arrive – and prioritize accordingly based on the patient information displayed on the screens.


In addition, INSIGHT facilitates a better utilization of examination rooms, as availabilities are clearly visualized, saving coordinators both steps and time.

Graphic data visualizations

Displaying data from the system

Subitizer dashboards

Subitizers show data from the system in simple, easy-to-decode graphs, providing you with quick insights into the current situation in the department. Changes to the system are reflected in the subitizers within seconds, ensuring that data is always correct – no matter where you look.


By making information easily available on the screens, subitizers ensure you have a solid basis for prioritizing in acute situations. As a result, subitizers contribute to a more streamlined workflow as well as a better and safer patient experience.


Explore the world of patient flow management and the many ways in which Getinge can help you establish structured workflows that improve the hospital experience for patients, staff and management.