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Maquet Lucea 10-40

Maquet Lucea 10-40

A versatile, multi-functional light designed for a variety of medical specialists


Maquet Lucea 10 and Maquet Lucea 40 Examination Lights offer autonomy, freedom, reliability and a small environmental footprint.

Making everyday tasks easier

With Maquet Lucea 10 and Maquet Lucea 40, Maquet offers a versatile, multi-functional light designed for a variety of medical specialists, including:

  • Family practitioners
  • Dentists
  • Fermatologists
  • Gynecologists
  • Veterinarians


Maquet Lucea 10

Making everyday tasks easier for specialists.

Making everyday tasks easier for specialists

Maquet Lucea 10 Examination Light delivers 50,000 lux at 50 cm, providing ideal illumination for all medical specialties.

With faithful color rendering (CRI 95), the Maquet Lucea 10 is particularly well suited for dermatology. The use of LEDs ensures that the light does not give off heat; this quality is highly desired by phlebologists for distinguishing between healthy and varicose veins.

With rail-mounted and mobile versions available, Maquet Lucea 10 is suitable for all work environments. To make practitioners' everyday tasks easier and avoid maintenance problems, Maquet Lucea 10 uses LEDs that have a considerably longer service life than halogen bulbs, leaving practitioners free to devote all their time to patients.

Maquet Lucea 40

Or-lighting expertise brought to the examination light.

Designed for hospital induction, shock treatment and recovery rooms

The Maquet Lucea 40 offers an illumination of 40,000 lux. Its 26 LEDs achieve far higher shadow dilution than other lights in its category.

Maquet Lucea 40 lights are available in mobile, ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted versions that free the floor space and facilitate cleaning. A design with no openings contributes to improved hygiene and easier cleaning.

Maquet Lucea 40 is also designed to comply with the most stringent medical standards (IEC, UL, etc.)