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Modular Bio-Containment Facilities

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Modular Bio-Containment Facilities

Comprehensive facility delivered and operational in an accelerated timeline.


Bio-containment laboratories must meet rigorous standards in regard to engineering the primary and secondary containment systems. BSL-2, BSL-3, ABSL-3 and BSL-4 facilities each have specific requirements relating to separation of facilities, structural durability, biosecurity, procedures and administrative controls.

Getinge, in partnership with Germfree, offers a turnkey solution for high containment labs, combining Germfree's modular high containment laboratories with GEB Biocontainment Sterilizers and other equipment from Getinge. This collaboration provides solutions for a variety of high containment applications, thereby improving productivity, quality and personnel safety as well as ensuring compliance to ever increasing regulatory demands.

Germfree has been manufacturing bio-containment equipment for more than five decades and have delivered complete modular BSL laboratories worldwide. These turnkey facility projects provide the critical environmental controls needed for specific containment and operational requirements. Germfree manufactures the fully operational facility and incorporates all integral equipment into the scope of the project. Upon completion, the modules and equipment are Factory Acceptance Tested and then shipped to your site for final installation, commissioning and qualification. Germfree Modular helps avert construction delays that are typical of a traditional building approach, insuring a dramatically reduced construction timeline. This highly innovative modular approach gets your facility operational and in full compliance.

Comprehensive facility delivered and operational in an accelerated timeline.

All Biological Safety Levels (BSL).

Single Source Solution; seamless integration of all systems and components.

Monolithic, sealed interiors provide durability and ease of cleaning; Arcoplast wall and ceiling panels.

Facility is manufactured in a controlled environment to mitigate the risks inherent in traditional construction while assuring the most rigorous levels of quality control.

More than 50 years of biosafety manufacturing experience.