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staff discussing schedule on mymedis


Surgical planning for the highest standard of care

By providing complete overview of the ongoing surgical schedule as well as the long-term plan, myMedis enables surgical staff to maximize the utilization of resources and operating rooms. With clear progress visualizations OR managers can react early to deviations, limiting potential bottlenecks and inefficient waiting time, providing the highest possible quality of care for patients.


myMedis enables surgical staff to optimize facility-wide surgical planning and manage a streamlined workflow in the surgical department. Complete real-time overview of the surgical schedule supports more efficient coordination of operating rooms and resources and consistent quality across procedures.

Key Benefits

myMedis OR scheduling, nurse view surgery plan

Streamline planning for a better utilized surgical department

myMedis features an intuitive interface that enables surgical departments to reduce the administrative workload and ensure an accurate daily surgery plan. The impact of unforeseen events is kept to a minimum to promote a calm, stable working environment.

The myMedis solution’s automated availability checks of all necessary resources help to reduce waiting time for both patients and staff by minimizing the likelihood of cancelled surgical procedures or delays and disruptions in the workflow.

myMedis OR scheduling patient documentation during surgery

Complete surgical documentation and compliance

The ongoing registration in myMedis supports a prompt completion of the surgical documentation. By integrating procedural and diagnostic codes into the solution, myMedis gives you complete documentation for traceability, compliance, financial records and accurate billing across the entire surgical department. myMedis contributes to increasing patient safety via checklists and supports compliance by ensuring necessary working steps are followed. This also supports consistent quality across procedures and surgical workflows.

myMedis also provides comprehensive reporting and analysis for precise forward planning as well as long-term capacity management. In-depth data on the surgical workflow helps surgical departments meet their KPIs through increased utilization and better long-term management when it comes to both staffing and procedures.

myMedis patient transportation to ward

A smoother perioperative scheduling

myMedis covers all steps of the perioperative phase and ensures consistent quality and clear, aligned communication from staff who are better able to prioritize care tasks. The solution not only displays the core activities in the surgical department but also the entire perioperative process of your medical facility.

Patients experience the reassurance of a well-organized, calm hospital and surgeries that run according to schedule with the necessary resources and staff available at the right time. In addition to minimizing waiting time and surgery cancellations, myMedis reduces the staff work load.

myMedis OR scheduling graphical plan on flatscreen

Purpose-built and customizable surgery scheduling solution

myMedis has been created precisely for the surgical planning tasks at hand, ensuring your facility an improved user experience and a solution that is easy to use and train.

The flexible modular structure integrates seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure, facilitating a smooth data exchange with a configuration that is tailored to your facility’s unique needs. myMedis is equipped with a number of standard interfaces for a smooth and easy integration.

Key Features

Flexible modular structure

The key to a fully-customizable solution

myMedis offers an extensive range of modules with user-friendly functionalities that can be used as stand-alone solutions or as part of an integrated IT landscape in your medical facility.

The base myMedis solution can be expanded to fit your needs with modules like:

  • OR Management
  • Attending Physician Portal
  • Anesthesia & Surgery Documentation
  • Patient Data Management
  • Clinical Reporting
  • Doctor’s Letters

Color-coded real-time overview

Intuitive interface supports better planning, communication and user experience

myMedis features an intuitive and responsive interface where all entries and process steps are clearly color-coded to ensure fast identification and complete overview of all ongoing and future procedures within each operating room. As changes occur throughout the day, the system reacts in real time to always show a precise picture of utilization and availability across the surgical department.

Easy scheduling and re-scheduling

Special features to optimize surgical and pre-operative planning

myMedis features tailored preference cards and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to ensure accurate and optimized surgical planning. The solution allows you to pre-register patients and reserve time slots for specific procedures, which can increase your operating room utilization and reduce the risk of overloads.

myMedis also enables comprehensive pre-operative scheduling, including anesthesia pre-medication and extensive examination documentation. 

Facility-wide coordination

Ensure alignment between the transport, pre-operative and post-operative areas

With customized integration, myMedis offers checklists for both pre- and intra-operative documentation, ensuring a smooth and consistent surgical flow and improved patient safety. The solution also creates additional efficiencies through the automated availability checks of staff, sterile goods, consumables, beds and more.

Complete documentation of medical records and items

Visual representation of documentation completeness

The myMedis surgical documentation continuously checks activity completeness and points out open tasks, thus supporting a prompt completion of the documentation. myMedis features integrated diagnostic and procedural codes, ensuring full medical records documentation, including sterile goods, implants and more. It also enables complete data capture for standardized reporting and the clear visualization of processes through time stamps and status changes.