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Getinge Surgical Assist Systems

surgical assist system product photo
surgical assist system
surgical assist system

Getinge Surgical Assist Systems

Getinge Surgical Assist Systems are a special group of operating table accessories that focus on proper patient positioning. These tools are easy to use, extend the options for universal OR tables, and improve ergonomics for the entire surgical team.


operating table and patient

Proper positioning improves patient outcomes

Getinge collaborates with caregivers to develop patient positioning solutions that improve clinical outcomes. Proper positioning enhances ergonomic access to the surgical site while reducing positional stress on patients.

Smiling doctor

Extend the functionality of universal tables

Minimize specialty equipment costs and improve functionality by converting universal tables into specialized tables with Getinge Surgical Assist Systems.

The accessories are designed to carefully hold and lift the extremities in ways that improve site access and reduce positional stress. Each accessory supports ergonomic positioning for patients and ensures optimal access for clinical staff during orthopedic surgical procedures.


Models and accessories

Trimano Fortis

A helping hand in the operating room for better ergonomics.


Holding and lifting body extremities during orthopedic interventions is a huge effort. Trimano Fortis acts as a “third hand” in the OR, providing stable support that frees surgical staff for other work.

Trimano Fortis

The versatile Trimano Fortis arm can be easily connected to the OR table side rail, and is ready for immediate use. 

A range of accessories makes the system flexible for many surgical interventions. Trimano Fortis ensures stable and secure positioning in:

  • General surgery
  • Orthopedics and traumatology
  • Neurosurgery (positioning of the lower arm in park bench position)
  • Hand and plastic surgery
patient lying on operating table

Why choose Trimano Fortis?

  • Easy to use
  • No additional connections or power supply needed
  • Flexible and safe positioning
  • Can be moved in any direction
  • Multidisciplinary use
  • Compatible with common surgical tables

Trimano Fortis accessories

The huge range of accessories makes Trimano Fortis
flexible for a variety of surgical techniques.

  • Upper arm surgery
  • Pre-positioning for shoulder procedures
  • Latissimus dorsi procedures
  • Neurosurgery in the park bench position
  • Wrist arthroscopy
  • Elbow procedures


With added retractor support, you can use Maquet Trimano Fortis for
holding wound retractors to offer optimal exposure of the surgical site.

Shoulder treatment in beach chair position

Plastic surgery in lateral position

Wrist treatment in supine position

Elbow treatment in prone position

Radiolucent finger fixation supports the patient’s hand in the correct position

Easily attached to the side rail of an OR table

Getinge Universal Frame

A radiolucent frame for flexible ergonomic positioning across a wide range of disciplines.


Getinge Universal Frame offers positioning flexibility and optimal radiolucency
to improve ergonomics for patients and staff.

Improve working conditions in the OR

Regardless of desired working position - supine, prone, or lateral - Getinge Universal Frame offers comfortable support with optimal site access. A slender, radiolucent design makes imaging easy.

Getinge Universal Frame can be used in multiple surgical disciplines:

  • Orthopedics and traumatology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Vascular surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • General surgery
operating table patient lying with head down

Improving OR functionality

  • Innovative patient positioning options
  • Multifunctional applications thanks to different accessories
  • Exceptionally large X-ray area
  • Quick and easy configuration
  • High stability
  • Height adjustment supports ergonomic working conditions



The Universal Frame is compatible with most current Getinge OR tables, and the legacy Spinal Frame (device for spinal surgery), extending the value of your existing Getinge investment.


Easy configuration

The Universal Frame can easily be mounted to the leg plate interface, and quickly configured for surgery. By simply mounting the side rail clamp on the carbon fiber bars, OR staff can attach needed accessories.


Additional accessories

The huge range of accessories makes the Universal Frame so flexible. A trolley stores all the basic accessories, and is used to assist with the mounting.

Excellent stability

The frame is built for stability, with carbon fiber bars and a slender support foot. The Universal Frame table tops support a proportional patient weight of 250 kg (551 lbs). When the positioning elements are mounted, a proportional weight of a 180 kg (396 lbs) patient may be carried.


Ergonomic working conditions

The height adjustment function makes it possible to work either standing or seated, according to the preference of OR staff. Improved access to the surgical site means less strain on the surgeon.

surgical assist system for operating table

Adjustable positioning elements for precise support in prone position

Four compact, ergonomically designed positioning elements can be adjusted individually in three planes: laterally, vertically and horizontally. This ensures precisely tailored body positions. A minimized supporting surface directly beneath the spine creates a large, undisturbed corridor for imaging.

patient lying on operating table, surgical assist system

Different table tops

Two sizes of table tops expand the positioning possibilities of Getinge Universal Frame. While the short table top provides good access to the head area, the long table top gives an expansive imaging window for spinal and abdominal procedures. Additionally, the long table top is a very good option for pediatric surgery.

A trolley stores all the basic accessories and is used to assist with mounting the Universal Frame

The short table top provides good access to the head area e.g. for cervical spine

The long table top gives an expansive imaging window for spinal and abdominal procedures

The long table top is a good option for pediatric surgery

The height adjustment function makes it possible to work while standing or seated

Mount the side rail clamp on the carbon fiber bars, to attach accessories in line with your requirements

Getinge Extension Device

Maintain traction on extremities during orthopedic procedures


The Getinge Extension Device easily attaches to most tables to enable orthopedic treatment of extremities under traction.

surgical assist system

Getinge Extension Device makes existing universal tables more versatile for orthopedic procedures. A tried-and-tested concept, the device enables the treatment of extremities under traction. The bar and insertion system is designed for easy handling and installation, minimizing the setup time required between procedures. 


The device is compatible with the following operating tables:

  • Maquet Meera
  • Maquet Alphamaxx
  • Maquet Betaclassic
  • Maquet Alphaclassic PRO
  • Maquet Otesus with table top 1150.19 or 1150.30
  • Maquet Betastar (discontinued)
  • Maquet Alphastar PRO (discontinued)

An important addition to your multidisciplinary OR
  • Excellent compatibility with the C-arm during interventions
  • Made from rust-free and disinfectant-proof CrNi steel
  • Simple mounting of extension accessories that improve workplace ergonomics
  • All accessories are conveniently stored in the trolley with basket
  • Simple and safe mounting to the OR table with the help of the trolley

The extension device enables a quick conversion of a normal OR table into an orthopedic table.

The delivery includes extension accessories and a trolley for storage and mounting.

Positioning example: femoral neck treatment in supine position.

Positioning example: Femoral neck treatment in lateral position.

Positioning example: Calf treatment with counter traction post for tibia and fibula and joint supporting arm.

Positioning example: Thigh treatment with traction stirrup clamp with rotation.

Getinge Device For Minimally Invasive Hip Operations

A radiolucent device that allows for free movement during arthroscopic and minimally invasive surgery.


Minimally invasive surgical techniques require free movement of the leg in all directions. The Getinge Device For Minimally Invasive Hip Operations is radiolucent and flexible, allowing for excellent visibility and easy handling before, during and after the procedure.

The Getinge Device For Minimally Invasive Hip Operations is a special OR table accessory that extends the capabilities of your universal table for use in orthopedics and traumatology.

It is equipped with a carbon fiber bar, and a slider with screw tension device that slides effortlessly on the bar and a foot plate. The device enables the use of a.p. x-rays. In combination with a carbon fiber seat plate extension, it’s possible to achieve 360° radiolucency in the hip area. The complete device can be adjusted intraoperatively.

Getinge Device For Minimally Invasive Hip
Operations is:
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to handle and quick to reposition, even during the procedure
  • A valuable tool to extend the application of existing Getinge extension tables
  • Able to be operated from outside the sterile field
  • Convenient, offering space-saving storage where it’s most needed


The device is compatible with the following Getinge operating tables:

  • Maquet Otesus
  • Maquet Magnus
  • Maquet Meera
  • Maquet Alphamaxx
  • Maquet Betaclassic
  • Maquet Alphaclassic PRO
  • Maquet Betastar (discontinued)
  • Maquet Alphastar PRO (discontinued)

Getinge Extension Set For MIS Hip Interventions

Designed especially for anterior approaches to minimally invasive hip replacement and arthroscopic procedures.


This device turns most universal OR table into a specialist table for minimally invasive hip replacements and arthroscopic procedures requiring an anterior approach.

Getinge Extension Set For MIS Hip Interventions is a special OR table accessory for orthopedics and traumatology. It can be attached to standard OR tables, quickly and easily converting your universal table into a specialized resource for orthopedic hip surgeries requiring anterior access.

The radiolucent material allows 360° fluoroscopy at the pelvis for improved diagnostic visibility. The complete device can be adjusted intraoperatively to improve ergonomics and relieve positional stress.

It is equipped with:

  • A universal adapter
  • Two carbon fiber bars
  • Two skids which slide effortlessly on the bar
  • Two extension shoes with toweling covers

Benefits of the extension set:
  • Universal compatibility
  • Quick and easy mounting for fast setup
  • Easy to operate
  • Optimum access to the surgical site
  • 360° radiolucency at the pelvis
  • Configuration outside the sterile field possible
  • Space-saving storage

  • Maquet Meera
  • Maquet Alphamaxx
  • Maquet Betastar (discontinued)
  • Maquet Alphastar PRO (discontinued)
  • Universal compatibility with other manufacturers’ OR tables

Getinge Knee Positioning Device

Stable support and intraoperative flexibility to meet the requirements of modern knee surgery.


The Getinge Knee Positioning Device provides flexible support
for all types of knee surgery.

Surgical assist system for op table

Getinge Knee Positioning Device facilitates the surgeon’s control of intraoperative flexing and stretching movements, which are essential for successful knee surgery. It is ideally suited for a wide range of minimally invasive and open procedures. The device offers the support and flexibility needed for successful patient outcomes.