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Mechanical ventilation for the hyperbaric chamber


High performance under pressure

With Servo-i HBO, you can provide hyperbaric oxygen treatment down to 30 meters/4 ATA with full ICU ventilation performance and monitoring capabilities. Available for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients using air/heliox and oxygen.

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Extend the quality of care

Visual insights on changing conditions

Monitoring waveforms and metrics make it easier to optimize patient ventilation. This helps you stay in control and is especially useful when the changing pressure affects lung mechanics.

Continuum of care

Don’t disconnect the patient if you don’t have to. Thanks to a wide spectrum of ventilation capabilities Servo-i HBO is equally viable in the ICU area and during intra-hospital transport.

A familiar ventilator

Servo-i is a ventilator many clinicians have experience with. Servo-i HBO has the same capabilities, which will help your team feel confident with the ventilation also in the HBO environment.

Experiences of hyperbaric medicine from Karolinska

Learn more about HBO treatment from the team at the world renowned Karolinska University Hospital

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