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Dentist checking a child´s teath

A brilliant solution for dental clinics

A quick and safe reprocessing of equipment and systems can boost productivity and substantially cut costs over time. To turn good into great, Getinge offers complete solutions for dental clinics and practices, including advice on workflow planning, training, traceability, service and support as well as consumables.

Clinics and dental practices have specific space utilization challenges. Our dedicated teams of architectural planning experts help you to achieve maximum efficiency, based on your unique needs and premises. Getinge’s mission is to provide the best overall solution to help you in your everyday work. Our comprehensive range of equipment, accessories and consumables cover the complete processing cycle, from soiled instruments to the distribution and storage of sterilized items.

Getinge dental studio

Single practice

A natural and safe flow of instruments is needed to prevent cross-contamination between soiled items and sterile packs. The hygiene systems are located in a separate room.

Getinge Dental Practice room

2-5 units practice

In these practices, more space is generally available for the hygiene system. However, any hygiene setup requires a well-organized and efficient flow of instruments, from soiled goods to sterilization and packing. 

Getinge dental clinic

6-20 units practice

In these practices, one nurse has responsibility for the disinfection and sterilization process. There is more room for equipment to accommodate a greater number of instruments. An efficient workflow assures a quick and safe turnaround of sterile instruments.

"For us it's all about investing time and knowledge in our patients. Therefore we must have a solution for infection control that offers the highest quality and efficiency. And we get it all from Getinge."

Andreas Habash, Dr. med. dent. Zahnarztpraxis in Cham, Germany

The soiled area

Used equipment is received and sorted in the soiled area, where washing and disinfection takes place. Getinge's washer-disinfectors offer superior cleaning and disinfection to give you peace of mind. Our detergents and flexible accessories help you to create an optimized cleaning solution.

getinge dental claro machine


An under-counter washer-disinfector available with MIS injection bar or dental ramp for handpieces.

Getinge dental tablo machine


A fully automated, microprocessor-controlled tabletop washer-disinfector.

Dental Consumables Getinge


Getinge Clean detergents assure best quality and minimized utility costs.

The clean area

Inspection, packing and sterilization takes place in the clean area. Getinge offers a range of high-capacity sterilizers with very compact footprints. When used along with Getinge accessories, they secure the best routines for infection control.

K-series tabletop sterilizer

Getinge K-series sterilizers are exceptionally fast, high-capacity tabletop models.  In just 25 minutes, you can sterilize up to 10 trays using the B-process program. That means up 20 trays per hour.

Dental Sealer Getinge

Sealing equipment

Equipped with the intuitive Centric user interface, our ergonomic, user-friendly sealers provide validated sealing of sterile bags and pouches. To make it easier to seal a perfect seam Getinge has developed a slow-start function that minimizes the number of wrinkled seams.

Dental HS33 Getinge

HS33 free-standing sterilizer

HS33 is the fastest free-standing sterilizer on the market. Available in single-door and double-door options, the chamber size can hold up to 18 cassettes. Getinge HS33 is equipped with a user-friendly 8.5" color Avanti touchscreen.

The sterile area

Sterilized items are stored and distributed in the sterile area. Getinge offers complete systems, including loading equipment and accessories, which provide an efficient and ergonomic flow of instrument.

Dental Trolley Getinge

Trolley for HS33

The loading trolley facilitates the movement of the load into/out of the sterilizer and assures optimal space utilization and user ergonomics. It gives you the possibility to choose a solution that really meets your needs in every situation.

dental accessories Getinge

Trays and baskets

Our comprehensive range of trays and baskets forms an essential part of Getinge's complete disinfection and sterilization systems. Like most of our accessories, they are designed for flexibility. This means that our trays and baskets fit many different sterilizers, washer-disinfectors, trolleys etc.

Dental log Getinge

Getinge Log System

Complete, tamper-proof, verifiable process documentation is necessary when mechanically preparing medical products. With the Getinge Log System, the process data can be transferred electronically, quickly and conveniently to a PC and securely archived in a tamper-proof manner.

"Besides all the technical knowledge, Getinge brings a new dimension to infection control by developing a modern and ergonomic design that helps us create a stimulating working environment.”

Dr Philippe Lévy, Surgical dentist, Strasbourg, France

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