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Provide first-rate quality of treatment and a focused patient care

At Getinge we have a strong passion for life and believe that providing the best patient care and well-structured quality treatment should take priority in modern hospitals of today. Our solutions support the healthcare professionals in the daily planning, handling and coordination of tasks, ensuring efficiency, better utilization of hospital resources and increased patient focus.

Ensure a safe and structured patient flow

INSIGHT Clinical Logistics is the effective patient flow management tool that improves coordination and communication at the hospital. It ensures a consistent and structured patient experience from arrival to discharge.

INSIGHT Patient Ward

INSIGHT Patient Ward supports the daily handling and coordination of tasks in and between the hospital bed departments. It provides clinicians and coordinators with a calm, structured, and transparent workflow, resulting in better patient care.

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“With INSIGHT we are no longer running independent departments – we are running a complete acute hospital. That's a major difference. You know the flow. You know who is coming. You know who is leaving. You know where your colleagues are. That's control.”

Jørgen Schøler Kristensen, Medical Director, Regional Hospital Horsens, Denmark

Integrate your workflows

You can effectively improve the way you work with our state-of-the-art IT solutions within the areas of patient flow management, OR integration and sterile supply management. We can help you create a better, safer and more consistent hospital experience for your patients.

Safe and easy-to-use beds ensure quality of care

The daily challenges faced by nursing teams inspired Getinge to develop their hospital bed range. Each bed delivers significant benefits to patients, caregivers and healthcare facilities alike.

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A comprehensive range of high performance flusher-disinfectors

Our top and front loading flusher-disinfectors are cost effective without compromising performance. Flexible and easy to use, our flushers reduce environmental impact, minimizing consumption of water, energy and chemicals.

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