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Have instruments at hand when needed

Getinge is the expert of creating a seamless workflow of instrument reprocessing. We can help you develop the most efficient and cost-effective workflow to streamline the process from the moment the instruments have been used, to the moment when they are safe and ready to be used again.

The barrier system

Getinge’s designs are based on the barrier principle, ensuring clear separation of soiled, clean and sterile zones. The zones are separated by pass-through washer-disinfectors and sterilizers. Our experts can create an optimal solution no matter the size of your facility.

Soiled zone - from the OR to cleaning and disinfection

Unclean items from the OR, wards, outpatient and other departments arrive at the reception area. After visual inspection, items can be put straight on racks and loaded into the washer-disinfectors. Instruments can also be manually cleaned by soaking, spray-gun rinsing and/or ultrasonic cleaning, before being loaded into the washer-disinfector. 

Clean zone - from cleaning and disinfection to sterilization

The clean and disinfected goods enter the area for sorting, inspection and packing. They can be unloaded manually or by an automated system. Once sorted, inspected and packaged, the goods are ready for sterile processing. 

Sterile zone - from sterilization to the OR

The sterile goods are stored on racks or in storage/distribution trolleys for further transport within the hospital. Getinge supplies various kinds of loading or distribution trolleys that you may need for easy transport.

Optimize the sterile workflow to maximize patient safety

Quality assurance improves patient safety. T-DOC and the wide range of sterile supply management solutions gives you best in class instrument and endoscope traceability all the way to the patient with highly customizability to meet your basic or most advanced requirements.

T-DOC 2000

T-DOC 2000 provides complete traceability of instruments and endoscopes, ensuring correct delivery of the right items to the right patient at the right time and place. 

Getinge Instrument Marking Solution

The Getinge Instrument Marking Solution (GIMS) enables hospital staff to mark instruments, allowing for optimized instrument management, reduced loss of instruments, and cost transparency.


Meditrax is a manual tracking solution that assures quality control and first level standardized documentation of your sterile reprocessing, and can be expanded to the operating room.

Getinge Online

Getinge Online enables fast, proactive troubleshooting to ensure maximum equipment uptime and throughput. Ensure the highest performance and availability of your Getinge equipment. 

From initial planning to workflow optimization

Planning is the key. When designing a hospital’s sterile production capabilities to accommodate the needs of the next 15 to 20 years, it’s crucial to get things right from the start. With the right architectural planning, you can establish the best possible workflow, which will benefit your facility for years to come. This not only assures hygiene safety and maximum productivity, but also makes a better workplace for the staff.

Read more about sterile department planning

Case study: Hospital Clinico de Valladolid, Spain

In a unique Getinge-managed project at the Hospital Clinico de Valladolid in Spain, the outcome became a state-of-the-art central sterile supply department.

From an empty shell to a state-of-the-art CSSD

Getinge Care - when saving lives matter

Getinge offers a complete range of after sales services designed to maximize the useful life and long-term value of your investments. We provide the tools to help you with your work of taking care of a multitude of people on their way to recovery.

Find out more about our local service offerings

Learn more in one of our Getinge Experience Centers

The Getinge Experience Center concept symbolizes our focus on comprehensive solutions and customer service. All sites are international knowledge hubs that show our products and solutions within a complete, real-world medical setting. Clinicians and biomedical engineers can go on-site to participate in hands-on educational programs that help achieve maximum workflow efficiency.

Getinge Experience Centers worldwide

Getinge Experience Centers are located at several sites around the globe - in Rastatt, Germany, Wayne (NJ), USA and in Singapore.

The showrooms in São Paulo, Brazil,  Kobe, Japan and Shanghai, China will soon be transformed into Experience Centers.

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