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Sterile-staff-working-with-T-DOC-sterile supply-management-in-automated-CSSD

Ensure correct
delivery for surgeries

Sterile Supply Management

Accurate reprocessing, inventory management, logistics and automatic prioritization of the sterile production are crucial for completing the surgical schedule and securing your return on investment. Getinge’s sterile supply management solutions are scalable to fit your needs - from a basic traceability system with focus on equipment datalogging and regulatory compliance to an advanced solution, including automation and integration with the hospital’s IT infrastructure, enabling you to utilize resources efficiently and make data-driven decisions.

Discover how to improve instrument traceability, utilization and logistics

T-DOC 2000 is Getinge’s premium sterile supply management solution that ensures complete traceability, optimized instrument and device utilization, and just-in-time delivery for surgeries, enabling the best possible care for patients.

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T-DOC assistant scans load to sterilizer

T-DOC Select

T-DOC Select is Getinge's instrument traceability solution for mid-sized hospitals that enables optimization of the sterile production and ensures regulatory compliance for sterile reprocessing.

T-DOC endo assistant registering endoscopes with T-DOC Sterile Supply Management from Getinge

T-DOC Endo

T-DOC Endo is Getinge's endoscopy traceability solution that manages and documents the complex handling and reprocessing of your endoscopes. Ensure accurate work procedures and get complete overview of your endoscope stock.



Meditrax is Getinge's manual traceability and quality assurance solution that protects patients and facilities by making it easy to document all steps in the sterile supply flow.


GMS Surgical Instrument
Marking Solution

The GMS offers permanent, nondestructive and high-quality marking of instruments, endoscopes, tags and trays facilitating single instrument tracking. 
The solution is sold in collaboration with Pryor.

Software solutions for optimized hospital workflows

The sterile supply flow is a complex journey involving many different stakeholders and functions. At Getinge, we offer solutions for optimizing your sterile reprocessing by tracking sterile supplies as they travel through decontamination, packing, sterilization, storage, dispatch and use. In the operating room, our software helps you further enhance patient safety by documenting used instrumentation and pre-sterile goods and providing accurate and auditable electronic records.

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Getinge offers a wide range of products, solutions and services that support bringing the patient safely and efficiently through the entire care pathway. We encourage you to explore our world and learn how we can help you provide excellent care and improve health outcomes.

Getinge Online statistics on hospital equipment

Getinge Online

Ensure the highest performance and availability of your Getinge equipment with Getinge Online, our connected solution that enables fast, proactive troubleshooting and ensures maximum equipment uptime and throughput.

Sterile Reprocessing

Getinge helps you develop a streamlined and cost-effective process, from the moment the instruments have been used, to the moment when they are ready to be used again.


OR Management

Maximize resource utilization and enhance coordination with our OR management solution. We can help you plan, manage and optimize the surgical workflow.


Hospital Wide Solutions

Getinge’s software solutions offer you tools for greater consistency
and efficiency, enabling hospital staff to focus on delivering the best patient care.