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Stopper and closure processing

Clean, sterile and dry stoppers and closures delivered to the filling machine without breaking containment

An unbroken chain of sterility, for efficient processing of stoppers & closures

Clean, sterile and dry closures, particularly rubber stoppers and plungers, are vital components of parenteral packaging. As closures are in product contact for considerable periods – and are a functional part of drug administration systems – it is absolutely essential that they are clean and sterile, with due consideration given to their physical, mechanical and chemical properties.

Before use they must generally also be quantifiably dry, especially when the drug product is lyophilized. And from a practical point of view, they must also be delivered to the filling apparatus while maintaining their clean, sterile and dry condition. Getinge offers solutions for cleaning (siliconizing), sterilizing, drying, and delivery of all types of closures for both barrier-isolated and conventional filling equipment.

Getinge Closure Processing System (CPS)

The Getinge Closure Processing System (CPS) provides an unbroken chain of sterility for efficient processing of all types of closures in conjunction with filling lines in pharmaceutical production.

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DPTE® Alpha

The core of the DPTE® transfer system is the Alpha port with its secure interlock enabling totally safe connections and disconnections. The DPTE® system enables material to be moved from one sterile zone to another through a non-sterile zone, with leak-tight, risk-free reconnection.

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The DPTE® system is based on the interaction of an Alpha part with a Beta part – each fitted with a door, a lock and a sealing function.

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DPTE® Beta Containers

Stainless steel or plastic DPTE® Beta Containers allow for safe transfer into and out of a barrier system in various life science applications. The Getinge DPTE® system is based on the interaction of an Alpha part with a Beta part – each fitted with a door, a lock and a sealing function.

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GSS P Steam Sterilizer for pharmaceutical production

GSS P is a steam sterilizer from Getinge for component sterilization in pharmaceutical production. GSS P ensure a reproducible process, product quality and a safe environment. This makes it easier to achieve high performance, productivity and a streamlined process.

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Sterilizer Loading Equipment

The loading system is an integral part of efficient and user-friendly operation of any sterilization system. Getinge supports you with expertise and a wide range of loading equipment for many diverse applications.

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