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Advanced Monitoring Parameters: EVLW

Extravascular Lung Water Index (EVLW)

Pulmonary oedema is characterized by an accumulation of fluid in the interstitium of the lung tissue and/or the alveoli. This leads to impaired gas exchange and may even cause pulmonary failure. The amount of the pulmonary oedema can easily be quantified at the bedside by measuring the extravascular lung water index (ELWI).

Extravascular Lung Water Index (ELWI)

Extravascular Lung Water is indexed to the body weight in kg, written as the Extravascular Lung Water Index (ELWI). By indexing to the patient's predicted body weight (PBW), underestimation of lung water, particularly in obese patients, is avoided.

Fig. Examples of chest x rays that do not reflect the level of pulmonary oedema