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By using EcoDesign across our product development, the environmental impact over a product’s entire life cycle is taken into account; from extraction of raw materials to production, distribution and use, all the way to recycling and disposal. We have also has created a process for presenting the product’s environmental impact in a simple and useful way.


Sustainable product development

Developing innovative products is a vital cornerstone of our strategy. EcoDesign means that the products are developed based on the best interests of customers, society and the environment. An example is our 9100E series floor-loading cart & utensil washer-disinfectors.


With Higher Ambitions

Our dedication to saving and improving lives goes beyond providing health care and life sciences with first-class products and solutions.
This is why we have decided to become a CO₂ neutral company by 2025. A target that is translated into action in several areas, such as renewable energy sources, smart logistics, cleaner vehicles and improved travel routines.

Step by step, we want to make a difference by contributing to a sustainable society, environmentally and socially.

Woman using GSS610H Steam Sterilizer

Shaping the sterile workflows of tomorrow

The GSS610H Steam Sterilizer is an excellent example of how Getinge integrates sustainability in the product development. The sterilizer is designed to process a high volume of instruments in a short time – and since process time and media consumption is optimized for each load, the sterilizer also reduces the environmental impact.

Three men using IsoFlex-R

Solutions that enable discoveries of new vaccines by providing sterile environments and transfer solutions

As drug manufacturers race against the clock to find a cure to the coronavirus, it’s crucial that they can test and prepare the vaccines without risking contamination, as well as transfer sterile components for the production process in a safe way. A complete solution for this is offered from Getinge’s Life Science hub in French city Vendôme.