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Maquet Variop

Maquet Variop in hospital

Maquet Variop

Well-designed rooms can do more than enhance workflows and efficiency. They can create an atmosphere that improves the overall wellbeing of patients, families, and staff.

Maquet Variop is a modular room system developed to help staff do what they do best in areas with high hygienic requirements. The system is just one example of the patient-focused solutions that make Getinge a leader in healthcare.

A flexible system for sensitive areas

Rooms with high technology density must be configured to respond to changing trends. Maquet Variop supports efficient workflows and improved ergonomics to ensure smooth working procedures in sensitive areas.
Based on our experience and your individual needs the combination of various products forms a supportive working environment.



An investment in a future-proof healthcare facility

Healthcare is changing rapidly. Infrastructure must be designed with growth and adaptation in mind. Modular room systems are the key to a cost-effective facility that accommodates change.

The Maquet Variop modular room system flexibly adapts to your requirements – today and tomorrow. The modular design includes a wide range of options and interchangeable elements that enable you to easily build or remodel your space to accommodate your facility’s needs.


Each room is manufactured to meet individual customer needs for remodeling or new construction. Removable wall and ceiling elements add future-proof flexibility for service, maintenance, or modernization.

With Maquet Variop, hospitals can easily modernize existing rooms to accommodate new technologies or infection control strategies. Whether your hospital needs to expand the CSSD, or add a Hybrid OR to the surgical suite, Maquet Variop allows rooms to be quickly and cost effectively retrofitted to meet new requirements.

Creating a healing environment for patients and staff

An attractive design does more than just look pretty. Several studies have proven that the working environment indeed has an impact on both efficiency and mood.

Incorporating appealing colors, motifs, and design elements can create a pleasant environment that alleviates tension. Working in a pleasant atmosphere make patients, doctors, and nursing staff feel more comfortable while reducing stress factors.

A hygienic solution that meets your specific needs

The Maquet Variop system is the perfect base for a hygienic environment. The elements are sealed down to the substructure, feature smooth powder-coated surfaces, stainless steel wall elements, and flush integration of built-in elements to support the disinfection process.

The powder-coated stainless steel elements are designed to form an easy-to-clean surface with few joints. This has a positive impact on the prevention of cross-contamination.

Main Components

Wall System

Maquet Variop is a high-quality wall system that meets all common official requirements, such as fire, radiation, and laser protection, and offers ample sound insulation. The wall system is based on a solid substructure that integrates needed technology within the system. It creates a smooth and hygienic surface for sensitive areas in a hospital such as ORs, ICUs and CSSDs.


• Removable at anytime for service, maintenance or future integration of new components by hospital technician
• Resistant to damages due to the use of stainless steel with rigid powder coating


Workflow support

• The installation element ensures the organized arrangement of switches, sockets and medical gas outlets
• Thanks to intensive analysis of patient, personnel, and instrument flow, resources can be allocated more efficient and therefore more cost-effectively



• Large, smooth surface with a small number of joints
• The ability to disinfect the Maquet Variop modular room system has been certified by a notified body


Individual Design

• Numerous design opportunities through various color possibilities (modern NCS color spectrum)
• Individually printable wall and ceiling elements as well as door leaves can be customized and combined to create a unique environment

Door System

The hygienic, Maquet Variop door system offers sliding and hinged doors made of powder-coated stainless steel and is available in different sizes. It offers a wide range of options (e. g. radiation protection, window sizes, safety equipment), and can be flexibly adapted to your specific requirements and interfaces on site. The system combines modularity with reliability down to the very last detail.

Certified system

• Sliding door certified according to latest German and European standards* by TÜV Thuringia
• 1 million cycles durability test performed, including radiation protection without use of any spare parts


• Stainless steel surfaces with powder-coating
• Jointless design
• Screwless window connection
• Minimal running gear depth of 110 mm (sliding door)

Workflow support

• Modular drive concept adapts to conditions and interfaces on-site
• Various connections are possible, e.g. interlock, connection to central building system


• Intuitive operation and fast troubleshooting with mobile analysis tool
• Bus-system with continuous monitoring of all security-relevant system components
• Door leaf weights up to 1 x 200 kg or 2 x 150 kg available

Individual Design

• Various colors in modern NCS color spectrum
• Individual print on door leaf possible


* DIN 18650 and DIN EN 16005

Ceiling System and Room Lighting

The modular ceiling system can flexibly adapt to the functional components, such as air supply, surgical lights, ceiling supply units, and room lighting. A flexible selection of mounting points to the raw ceiling forms the framework for the individual ceiling cassettes. The room lighting is part of the ceiling system, will be planned and implemented in correspondence to the whole room. Each room requires optimal lighting during surgery or emergency. The quality and color of the light can influence the perception of tissues and colors, and affect patient outcomes.

Ease of installation

• Modular ceiling cassettes can be removed at any time for service or maintenance by hospital technicians
• Room luminaires are equipped with their light sources and do not need to be opened before operation
• Room luminaires are pre-wired with plugs for fast and easy installation and to prevent any installation failures
• The light distribution box builds a defined interface for the house technician


• The ceiling cassettes are made of steel covered by a rigid powder coating
• Smooth surfaces and sealed integration of built-in elements offer optimal cleaning conditions
• Dust-tight and waterproof housing of room luminaires (IP65 on front- and backside)


• The system is designed to meet common requirements: fire and radiation protection, sound insulation; spatial conditions; air conditioning; and electric installations
• Ceiling system is certified according to earthquake test ICC Standard AC 156
• Sound insulation values from 54 up to 68 dB are available

Workflow support

• LED or fluorescent tubes deliver excellent light quality, high light output and an efficient power consumption for a bright working environment
• Optional RGBW LED room lighting with customizable, programmable light set up via the DALI system
• Illuminated printed ceiling cassettes offer bright design opportunities by highlighting motifs through an LED illumination

Built-in elements

Keeping up with medical trends means constant change. This requires an adaptable and flexible facility. Thanks to its flexible and modular structure and a wide range of built-in elements Maquet Variop modular room system can respond to emerging technologies and changing room requirements.

Possible built-in elements can be:

•Glass elements / windows with or without radiation protection
•Insulation glass
•LC glass
•Illuminated wall element
•Control panel
•LED X-ray film viewer
•Built-in and pass-through cabinets
•Wall air exhaust
•Signal light
•Washing area:
  - sluice, mirror, accessories

Planning and Implementation

An investment in a future-proof healthcare facility

Healthcare is changing rapidly. Infrastructure must be designed with growth and adaptation in mind. Modular room systems are the key to a cost-effective facility that accommodates change. Later, rooms can be quickly and cost-effectively retrofitted to meet new requirements. The modular wall and ceiling elements of Maquet Variop allow quick access, with easy disassembly and reinstallation without special tools.

The prefabricated, modular components of Maquet Variop are designed to assemble with ease, anticipating the evolution of cutting-edge technologies in the OR, CSSD, and ICU. Construction projects can be completed 40% faster than projects that utilize conventional construction materials. This keeps project timelines on track and on budget, with less downtime, noise, dust, and disruption.


Your partner for complex hospital projects

Over the past 50 years, we have optimized our processes to guarantee a smooth and successful project.  With a combination of careful planning, flexible designs professional project management, and reliable implementation, Getinge Hospital Solutions lays the foundation for your future-proof investment.

Online Planning Guide

Daily workflow should be well-organized, both in terms of structure and throughput. Getinge partners with your hospital to build long-term plans that efficiently use current resources while leaving plenty of space for future changes. We invite you to have a look on our planning proposals to let yourself be inspired!

Learn more on the Getinge Planning Portal