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ECLS can be a life-saver for ARDS patients

The mortality rate for severe acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) remains high. Acute respiratory failures have become the most common indications for ECMO treatment in adults.[1] As more specialized centers adopt ECLS, there are an increasing number of reports available that show improved outcomes for adult patients with ARDS.[2]  

ECLS to treat respiratory failure

ARDS refers to acute widespread pulmonary inflammation due to various causes such as trauma, infections, pneumonia and sepsis. The mortality rate for patients with ARDS ranges from 34 to 58% [3] and is widely based on severity, the patient's age and the presence of other underlying medical conditions.

Cardiohelp system

The Cardiohelp System facilitates protective ventilation strategies even in severe cases of acute respiratory failure.

The Cardiohelp System supports pulmonary function

The veno-venous use of the Cardiohelp System ensures an effective oxygen supply and/or the reduction of blood CO2 levels in intensive care patients suffering from ARDS, sepsis or other conditions associated with acute respiratory failure. In this way the Cardiohelp System facilitates protective ventilation strategies even in the most severe cases.

Moreover, Cardiohelp prevents circulatory shock or damage to internal organs, minimizing follow-up costs associated with irreversible organ damage. The use of this therapy option therefore saves valuable time, which can then be used to treat the actual cause of an organ failure.

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