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Always remembering that we influence the lives of others, we are passionate about helping our customers save lives and deliver excellent care.

Our five cultural core values – Passion, Collaboration, Openness, Excellence and Ownership – are part of everything we do. Our employees’ passion for their work, our company, our customers and their patients are at the very core of these values. Below you can read more about how we live our values.

Woman in hijab smiling


It takes a special person to make a difference in the world we live in. At Getinge we truly care for our customers and the patients that we serve. Our passion is rooted in a desire to improve the health and wellbeing of others. We live this value through:

  • Showing enthusiasm
  • Focusing on solutions that really make a change for people
  • Enjoying the challenge to improve
  • Showing colleagues that I really care about them
  • Encouraging teamwork
Collaboration during employee meeting


We enhance collaboration through open communication and best practices sharing. Thoughtful input from colleagues will help us to overcome obstacles, work more efficiently, and improve outcomes for customers and their patients. We live this value through:

  • Always being a team player
  • Sharing information and experiences
  • Being loyal with the team – also when I disagree
  • Helping colleagues
  • Embracing “one team” thinking
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Being open the Getinge way is about being receptive to new ideas and respect contributions from others as well as giving and receiving constructive feedback. We encourage transparent and authentic communication from every individual. We live this value through:

  • Positive feedback
  • Daring to be open – even when I cannot deliver as promised
  • Treating everyone with respect
  • Encouraging the expression of different views
  • Demonstrating respect for decisions that have been made
Man focused on his work


Excellence is our commitment to best-in-class products, people and processes. It is a team effort, which we cannot achieve alone. Investing in these best practices is the key to earning our customers’ trust as a market leader. We live this value through:

  • Always searching for new ways to improve
  • Sharing successful ideas
  • Learning by listening
  • Embracing change
  • Taking a long-term perspective
  • Helping new colleagues to find their feet quickly
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We take active ownership of our decisions by using our personal integrity, ethics and moral in the decisions that we make. Taking responsibility for our part enables us to come together as a stronger team ensuring the best outcomes for customers and patients. We live this value through:

  • Taking on commitments
  • Having the integrity to stand up for moral and ethical decisions
  • Showing that I trust my colleagues
  • Having courage to make decisions
  • Keeping colleagues informed