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Complex Aortic Surgery in Times of EVAR

Join our webinar on September 14

Online event

Vascular surgeons face daily challenges when it comes to aortic reconstruction.

Join Getinge and this outstanding group of specialists on September 14 at 5pm CEST, to discuss their thought process when deciding what approach to take when an open solution is the way to go: Biological repair? Antimicrobial grafts?

Our Moderator from the US, Dr. Ross Milner will lead you into this journey across the ocean to the UK, where Mr. Morad Sallam and Professor Xavier Berard from France will present and discuss with you their take on selected trying cases.

Welcome to our webinar: Complex Aortic Surgery in Times of EVAR


Sted: Online event
Stand: Online event

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Intergard Synergy

Consistent with Getinge’s continuous innovation policy, Intergard Synergy is the first vascular prosthesis combining two well-known antimicrobial agents: silver acetate and triclosan.

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Intergard Silver

Silver acetate collagen-coated polyester graft.Available in Knitted, Woven and Ultrathin configuration.Water permeability : < 5ml/cm²/min[1]

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Intergard Heparin Knitted

Proprietary heparin-bonding process designed to allow the antithrombotic and antiproliferative properties of biologically active heparin to be available locally at the graft surface.

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