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Getinge HS55-series

HS55 front

Getinge HS55-series

Reliable and easy-to-use steam sterilizer


The Getinge HS55 is a fully automatic steam sterilizer. It has pre-set programs for the most common sterilization processes for general-purpose hospital use.  The chamber dimensions are adapted to sterilization, using wire baskets according to SPRI & ISO, or baskets and containers according to DIN standards.

Technical Data

 Internal measurements
Single door
Double door
Chamber volume (L) 287 280
Chamber width (mm) 532 532
Chamber depth (mm) 1,000 1,000
Chamber height (mm) 532 532
1 STE = 600x300x300 mm
2,5 2,5
1 ISO = 600x400x200 mm
2  2
1 SPRI = 585x395x195 mm
 2  2


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