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Ресурсный центр COVID-19

В Ресурсном центре COVID-19 медицинские работники смогут найти помощь и рекомендации в том, как эффективно воспользоваться нашими предложениями для лечения пациентов, а также другую практическую информацию и советы.

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Getinge circle for life

Thank you for visiting Getinge@WFHSS 2020!

online ноября 26, 2020

Explore Getinge's Sterile reprocessing product portfolio:

The Circle for Life

Getinge is the expert in creating a seamless workflow of instrument reprocessing. We can help you develop a streamlined and cost-effective process, from the moment the instruments have been used, to the moment when they are safe and ready to be used again. When you need to deliver the safest surgery for your patients, we are with your every step of the way.

Optimizing sterile reprocessing is about timing and control. Through innovation and experience, we share our services, expertise, and integrated solutions that help improve your workflows. So that you can keep saving lives. In a never-ending process – A Circle for Life.

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Сведения о событии

Дата: ноября 26, 2020
Город: online

Контактная информация

Visit WFHSS website


Date: Thursday, November 26
Time: 1:20 pm CET
Room: no. 3 

The Covid-19 crisis, an opportunity for close cooperation
between manufacturers and CSSDs

Getinge will host a virtual symposium:
A discussion between Dr. Christine Denis, manager of a CSSD super center in France and president of the WFHSS and Klas Rudbäck Product Manager Endoscopy & CSSD Surgical Workflows in EMEA and the North Europe Region for Getinge. Klas interviews Dr. Christine Denis on her experiences with the pandemic and the importance of close cooperation between manufacturers and CSSDs.

Download the Symposium invitation here

Getinge 360-degree Services

Getinge offers are complete range of services to improve workflows, equipment uptime, staff and patient satisfaction. We have the technical and clinical knowledge to deliver state-of-the-art equipment and solutions.

Learn more about Getinge 360-degree Services

Getinge Solsus 66

Solsus 66 is a steam sterilizer, combining capacity, footprint and cost-efficiency sterilzation.

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Because our main focus is to support healthcare professionals so they can do what they know the best: taking care of patient; Getinge offers a wide range of consumables products providing consistent and repetable results. From cleaning detergents to wash and sterilization monitors through packing solutions, Getinge guide you every step of the reprocessing cycle.

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Getinge Online for sterile reprocessing equipment

Ensure the highest performance and availability of your Getinge equipment with Getinge Online, our connected solution that enables fast, proactive troubleshooting and ensures maximum equipment uptime and throughput

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