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Ресурсный центр COVID-19

В Ресурсном центре COVID-19 медицинские работники смогут найти помощь и рекомендации в том, как эффективно воспользоваться нашими предложениями для лечения пациентов, а также другую практическую информацию и советы.

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CX Symposium 2021

Getinge is sponsoring the 2021 digital edition of the Charing Cross International Symposium

Online event Апрель 19 - 21, 2021

In 2021, Getinge continues to support the digital edition of the Charing Cross Symposium.

Charing Cross Symposia focuses on identifying evidence for optimal vascular disease management from head to toe, catering for all vascular specialists. Debate and emphasis on interaction with an expert audience are key aspects of the CX’s style. Education, Innovation and Evidence are CX core values.Short presentations and time keeping are key characteristics of the CX sessions; these enable the right time for comments and questions by the audience. 

Сведения о событии

Дата: Апрель 19 - 21, 2021
Город: Online event
Место проведения: Online event

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Advanta V12 - Trusted. Reliable. Proven.

Advanta V12 - Trusted. Reliable. Proven.

Flixene vascular

Flixene Vascular Grafts

Flixene provides a durable vascular access option.

Intergard Synergy

Intergard Synergy

Antimicrobial Grafts

Consistent with Getinge’s continuous innovation policy, Intergard Synergy is the first vascular prosthesis combining two well-known antimicrobial agents: silver acetate and triclosan.

Atrium ADVANTA V12 Balloon Expandable Covered Stent

Advanta V12

Balloon expandable covered stent

Trusted. Reliable. Proven.

Hemashield Woven Vascular Grafts


Woven Vascular Grafts

Woven double velour collagen impregnated polyester graft.