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R3 Nordic symposium 2019

The use of Sterile Transfer Solutions in isolators

Stockholm, Sverige 06 maj - 07 maj, 2019

Join our expert Paolo Liverani on Tuesday 7th of May for a discussion on the benefits of Rapid Transfer Port (RTP) in a clean environment. Paolo will talk about the use of Sterile Transfer in combination with Sterilization Solutions to prevent contamination and increase productivity for production under isolator or Restricted Access Barrier System (RABS).

På tisdagen den 7:e maj håller vår expert Paolo Liverani en presentation om  fördelarna med Rapid Transfer Port (RTP) i en ren miljö. Paolo kommer även prata om steril överföring i kombination med sterilisationslösningar för att förhindra kontamination och öka produktiviteten i en isolator eller Restricted Access Barrier System (RABS).


Datum: 06 maj - 07 maj, 2019
Stad: Stockholm, Sverige
Plats: Hotell Birger Jarl
Bås: C4

Eventets webbplats


Restricted Access Barrier System (RABS) is used in industries where a clean environment is needed. It provides a physical barrier between workers and production areas.

A Rapid Transfer Port (RTP), such as the DPTE®, enables material to be moved from one sterile zone to another through a non-sterile zone, without risk of contamination.